Polish Immigrants Persecuted By Muslims in England

Polish immigrants, many of whom are Catholic, are being terrorized by a Muslim campaign of vandalism, intimidation and violence. The English media is bending over backwards to avoid admitting that this is a persecution of devout Christians by Muslims who see them as a threat to their growing hegemony.

From The Yorkshire Post

A clash of cultures between Asian and eastern European youths is leading to increasing tension and violence on Yorkshire’s streets, it is claimed.
Some young Britons of Asian descent are now leading a campaign of intimidation against the new economic migrants from eastern Europe, whom they claim are taking their jobs.

The situation has become so bad in cities like Bradford that a leading social think-tank has begun research into how to get the two sides working together.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has commissioned Bradford-based organization QED to identify the causes of tensions between the two groups and improve cultural understanding and communication between them.

The article goes on to whitewash the facts and avoid what is an unpleasant truth, namely that “Asian” citizens simply don’t want Christian Europeans coming to what they now think of as “their” areas.

“Asian” is of course a euphemism for the large Pakistani Muslim population. The Muslims have made great inroads in England, especially in creating an environment where they enjoy special status in the eyes of the law. Part of that status comes from the clever manipulation of the multiculturalists view of immigrants a special protected class.

The Polish immigrants challenge the Muslim community by presenting the public with a new pet protected class, one who share more values with the rest of the English public and thus will ultimately assimilate into England more readily.

Once a group of immigrants assimilates into England in a stemless way, Muslim demands for England to accommodate a separate Islamist culture will look ridiculous. A successful Polish immigrant community is a threat to the Imperial aspirations of radical Muslims in England and ate thus in grave danger.

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