The “Christians Are the Real Terrorists” Even Though Muslims are Terrorizing the World Link Round Up

As Robert Spencer has pointed out the arrest of the Hutaree militia is basically a media wet dream. Of course, much of the evidence of the “danger” these kooks pose has to do with the fact one of them was planning on giving a fire speech calling for Christians to throw of the shackles of their perceived oppression by godless government.  They in fact were making a speech similar to ones Imam’s make at Friday night prayer service, usually before calling on Muslims to rampaging through the streets.

However, the Hutaree are the real threat. After all, they may have thought about committing a crime. Muslims actually committing atrocities is no big deal:

Muslim Chechen militias have claimed responsibility for the Moscow subway bombings.

25 little Hindu girls are abducted, raped and forced to convert to Islam every month in Pakistan.

Teen girl sold, raped then jailed in Afghanistan.

Muslims are still killing Buddhists in Thailand.

London based News Editor Abdul Bari Atwan claimed he’d “dance with delight” in Trafalgar Square if Iran nukes Israel.

Somali Muslim gangs granted asylum in the U.K. are turning the streets into a warzone.

A Muslim businessman drugged and raped a teen he procured from a business associate.

Saudi Arabia is about to put a popular Lebanese television fortune teller to death for Witchcraft.

Supposed “victim” of CIA rendition is going to jail for assaulting the mayor of a Bavarian city while on parole for arson and assault.

Wales is fighting an epidemic of Muslim forced marriages.

A new Fatwa by Islamic clerics declares that child brides are lawful, and that intercourse with pre-pubescent children is approved by the Koran.

An Australian Muslim leader has been caught praising Bin Laden and Hitler while promoting violent Jihad against the West.

Muslims in prison in America are suing because they claim that they aren’t given enough time to see friends.

Gay activists are being warned to leave Indonesia.

A Muslim TV station in the U.K. is being accused of promoting marital rape.

And then there’s this via The Center for Security Policy:

I’m sure glad the left knows who the “real enemy” is, aren’t you?

2 thoughts on “The “Christians Are the Real Terrorists” Even Though Muslims are Terrorizing the World Link Round Up

  1. Rob Taylor,

    Jihadists make me sick, and they always will. To say that a majority of terrorists are Christians now, is baseless, about as baseless as the claim that a majority of terrorists are atheists, or deists or pagans. Plus there are things going on Muslims countries right now that would never be tolerated here. I heard that in one Islamic country they lifted that ban on portraying homosexuals in movies, but only if they showed the homosexuals being punished for “their crimes” or turning straight at the end. Now if someone in the religious right even suggested a rule like that, the gay community and all of Hollywood would be in an uproar and rightfully so. Yet in Muslims societies stuff like that is perfectly normal right now, as well as stuff that is much worse.

  2. Just look at how Russia Today is facing an infestation of 9/11 “Truthers” and also Jihadi propagandists on their on YouTube channel. Yet they claim how 9/11 was an “inside job”, even though the “Truthers” and Jihadi propagandists are trying to say that with the recent Chechen terrorist campaigns in Russia.

    Now Russia has also gone into demanding Hamas to stop rocket attacks on Israel…yeah that would tell them something. They’ll follow through…not!

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