Wilders or Wilderness?

Via Infidel Bloggers Alliance comes this powerful piece about the plight of non-Muslims in Islamic Europe:

Thanks to Damien for sending this along. But the authorities in Europe aren’t just persecuting people who speak out against the creeping Islamization of of the West. They are also actively helping Islamic imperialists oppress and attack Jews. Here’s video of pro-Hamas Muslim crowds assaulting a peaceful pro-Israel demonstration by throwing eggs, glass bottles and homemade bombs. Police on the scene do nothing, except aggressively disperse the peaceful protesters to the cheers of the Mohammedan crowd. Via Atlas Shrugs:

I cry for Europe. The New Dark Age has begun there.

2 thoughts on “Wilders or Wilderness?

  1. Rob Taylor,

    This is something that is both sad, terrifying and infuriating all at the same time. I wish this wasn’t happening. But its important that we get the news out. Thanks for giving me credit for alerting you to this story.

  2. Shit. I’m just so tired. Really. I’ve always laughed at the 2012 freaks. With Obama now in office while this is going on, I’m thinking about joining them. I’ll bet they have underground bunkers.

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