WWIII Watch: Free Syrian Army Claims to Have Killed Russian General

Since Russia and their Iranian allies have been building up a military presence in Syria and America is for some unknown reason siding with the FSA this could be remembered as a flash-point for a world war:

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) announced in a statement to Al Arabiya on Wednesday that it has killed a Russian general in Syria who was working as a consultant to the Syrian defense minister and head of general staff of military affairs.

FSA said the killing of the general, Vladmir Petrovic Kojaiv, along his private translator, Ahmed Aiq, evidence that Russia was embroiled in the Syrian crisis. The rebel army said a number of documents and maps about the opposition and FSA were also seized.

The operation was conducted by its Ghota Western Brigades from Damascus along with FSA countryside forces, the rebel group said.

Not a good development if true. Pushing the Russians into open conflict will create a even greater conflict.