Liberal Childishness Link Round-Up

Sometimes I just don’t know what to say about the behavior of the “sophisticated, intellectual elite” that make up the American left. That much of liberalism has become a holding tank for the patholgically immature since the New Left of the 60s has never been more obvious than it was in the last couple of weeks.

The story of Adam Smith is the most obvious starting point. He is both a CFO for a national company and an adjunct professor. This is what he thinks is adult behavior:

Nice right? But he’s no worse than a bunch of other liberals who were in the news:

In Colorado a couple have been trying to get squatters out of a house they own for months, and now the squatters have filed for bankruptcy stopping legal eviction. The squatters have been helped by lefty websites set up to help people steal foreclosed homes. has an ad out attacking Ann Romney … and her horse.

Think Progress ran a story claiming global warming was melting streetlights in Oklahoma. They used a picture of melted streetlights that were damaged by a large fire nearby.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee twice issued statements claiming a billionaire named Sheldon Adelson donated money to Republicans he earned from running a Chinese prostitution ring. Surprise! They admitted it was a lie.

In England a 24-year-old pot smoker got high while her kids sat in an overflowing bath. When one dies she tried framing the other for murder. Those sophisticated Brits the left loves so much gave her a tough 36-month sentence.

The Boston Globe ran a tough hard hitting piece of investigative journalism dealing with Mitt Romney’s high school report card.

A bunch of old hippies shut down a nuke plant by breaking in and using HUMAN BLOOD to write graffiti inside. I guess they miss the good old days with the Manson Family.

Rosanne Barr claimed that members of the military and their families were “on the dole” just like people on welfare.

Mike Rios, a member of the school board in Moreno Valley, California is out on bail awaiting trial for murder. He’s also been charged with pimping, rape and fraud. He’s just filed papers to run for the city council were he hopes to “fight corruption”

Huffington Post claims trying to stop Chik-fil-a COO Dan Cathy from expressing his opinion isn’t a First Amendment issue.

I posted these because liberal told me recently that they were tired of being the adults in America.