Mid-Week Catching Up Link Round Up

I have a new puppy, a garden that needs a lot of TLC and an old man’s knees so I’m way behind on blogging and articles. But since I have new followers and subscribers – including my new friends the Islamic Circle of North America who started following me on Twitter today. Welcome guys, I’m glad you’ve decided to embrace conservative American values.

Anyway here’s some links to stories I was looking at that I don’t have time to cover separately:

Obama is leaking top-secret info on the Osama bin Ladin raid to Hollywood. Related – the Pakistani who tipped off U.S. forces to Osama’s location has been sentenced of 33 years for treason. The treason was tipping us off to Pakistan hiding OBL.

The online universe is abuzz with the controversy about Hustler’s simulated rape photo of conservative pundit S.E. Cupp. Hustler is everything wrong with America.

Chris is Right takes on North Carolina, gay marriage and bigotry.

The cult of Obama exposed!

Hypocritical communist Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg just made a speech where he called for the federal government to force cities to take in illegal immigrants.

The United States Postal Service might be covering up a Yemeni launched terror attack that has injured several postal workers.

Al-Qaeda is calling for an electronic jihad – I assume Anonymous will sign right up.

A Briton was caught with bunch of roasted babies (which people think might be abortions) that he was probably using in black magic rituals. The interesting thing is the comments on the article where people say we shouldn’t judge. I’m in there too raising hell if you want to see.

Surprise! Huffington Post has hired a known jihadi as political director for their U.K. operation.

Over 20,000 signatories of the petition to recall Wisconsin governor Scott Walker are convicted felons.

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  1. I’m surprised the Islamic Circle of North America is watching you on Twitter. It’s a rumor it’s an allege Muslim Brotherhood front group. Hopefully there are some liberal Muslims whom are not supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood that can be reached out.

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