Survival Resource Link Dump

Here’s a list of links that provide some useful skill building information. I suggest that if you find something you want to use you continue to research, and eventually practice the skills and theories here as much as you’re able:

Xavier’s Thoughts has a great piece on how to recognize threats.

Buckskinning/Trekking Woodsrunners Diary has had a great series on old time trail foods. His post on processing sunflower seeds is easy to understand and worth a read if you live in an area where they are found.

First Ways has a write up on Shepherd’s Purse, an edible plant often used in herbal remedies to reduce bleeding. It is a very common weed you’ll see almost everywhere.

Sunflower Ammo has a video on their blog of pond water being made safe for drinking first by filtering (through a regular coffee filter!) and then by boiling it on a alcohol stove made out of an old Pepsi can.

The Survivalist Blog has a list of the top ten mistakes made by the new survivalist.

Jenn Q. Public sent me these two links: How to Cut up a Rabbit and a recipe for Rabbit in Mustard.

This video on making fruit leathers is of a Liberal Democrat politician from England named Johnathan Wallace. Aside from self sufficiency Wallace also promotes the privatization of England’s postal service. Anyone else want to trade out liberal Democrats for England’s Lib Dems?

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  1. Thanks, I love this vid. I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at fruit leather and yes, some of their Lib Dems seem much more sensible than our Democrats.

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