The Recession is Supposedly Over Link Round Up

I know, I know, I should be celebrating the fact that the recession ended … a year ago. But I’m not feeling the green shoots so I’m still hedging my bets and preparing for the worst.

Gardening to Survive has a post on cold weather vegetables.

Via Global Guerrillas some of you survivalists with iPhones and a need for an interactive surveillance system may want to take a look at this review of the Parrot AR Drone. They are fragile but easily repaired, but second generation designs will probably be better.

Rawles from Survivalblog has a list of  recommended tangibles people should stockpile in case of financial collapse. I would add seed packets, toilet paper and bottles of water to his list.

Viking Preparedness has a great break down of how burglary teams operate and how you can protect your home.

U.S. Government hiding the real debt numbers. One estimate: $200 Trillion.

My buddy PJ Deneen attended a NRA Women on Target Shooting Clinic and has a write up of it here.