The TEOTWAWKI is Coming Down the Pike Link Round-Up

Poor employment numbers are dominating the headlines but there are plenty of other things to worry about that will bring a change to the way you live your life in the near future.

46 States are now facing “Greek style Deficits” In the next couple of years you will see massive cuts to the services they provide, and that will cause civil unrest to varying degrees.

Ben Bernake is panicking as the “recovery” he expected is running out of steam. He will likely start printing more money, so hyper-inflation is back on the table.

City Journal has a must read article on the Municipal Bond Bubble.

Shenandoah sees the beginning of a second credit crisis.

France and China set to get hit hard on CDS market.

2010 earthquakes are occurring 133% more frequently than average.

The Arizona Militia (who went to the border to interdict cartels) is asking for assistance after being fired on. We now have two non-state actors fighting in the deserts of Arizona.

Hezbollah is converting Mexicans who are crossing the border to radical Islam.

Feel like we’re out of the woods?