Useful Tips Link Round-Up

Here’s a bunch of links with some useful tips in them you’ll find useful, but don’t really need extra commentary:

Lehman’s Country Life has a post up about keeping cool without electricity

Woodsrunner Dairy has some old time woods lore advice.

First Ways has a post showing three wild summer edibles for urban foragers.

Survival Blog has a post on low cost preparedness.

The Urban Survivalist has an interesting post on his wallet survival kit. It’s a good read along wit TEOTWAWKI Blog’s piece on Every Day Carry items.

Pagans Against Child Abuse has a post up on how predators target single mothers. For women with kids networking online it’s worth a read.

Better Living Daily has a post on the uses for Linden for those of you lucky enough to live near a Linden tree.

P.J. Deneen has a article on direct sales for those of you looking to make some part time money.