Valentine’s Day Link Round-Up

The honest truth is every day is Valentine’s Day around these parts, as I’m sure my wife would tell you. Rob Taylor is the king on romance! That’s probably why the Saudi government hates me. I understand that for some of you though this day will be a little lonely (Angie Bishop I’m looking at you) so I put together this list of links to distract you from the loveless void that is your life. You’re welcome Ange!

Kimberly Homsi, aka Asma Al- Homsi, led police on a car chase after a reported road rage incident which ended in a bomb investigation. Not only is this not Al-Homsi’s first run in with the law but she’s been on the no-fly list for several years. National Terror Alert also notes “terrorist chatter” on the web has increased.

Baroness Tonge was just removed from the House of Lords … for spreading anti-Jewish Blood Libel. She claimed Israelis were stealing organs in Haiti. In the House of Lords.

Europe on the brink! The collapse of the Euro is “inevitable” says the head of the French central bank. Greece attacks the E.U. for creating a “psychology of collapse” just days after eight Turkish fighters invaded their airspace. England’s top economists are predicting their economic collapse if deficits aren’t reduced.

Al-Jazeera will be broadcasting from Canada.

G.S.G.F. provides a rosy scenario for how the world will deal with Iran after they test their first nuke.

Brutal torture and murder of a mentally handicapped woman by a gang of thugs. Still no motive but Dreamin’ Demon is reporting the victim may have dated one of the killers. Breitbart has a video report.

CrimeShadow News’ Sex Offender Smackdown program has been going well. So well that sex offender activists are attacking him. That must mean he’s doing a good job.

The ever mysterious Lost in Lima, Ohio blog has moved and can now be found here.

The Pagan Temple has a great idea for where to host the next Tea Party.

Hecate’s Crossroads has a great piece on the recent murder of Alissa Blanton and what you should do if you’re being stalked.

Absolute Zero has a story of a woman who allowed her child to be molested by her husband because she refused to believe the girl when the girl said the man was raping her.

Ithaqua Awakes!

Kevin Smith is a fat bastard.

T.D.K.O.M has info on the murderer of Somer Thompson.

This year the Horrorfest selection looks pretty grim, except this one gem I can’t wait to see:

Have fun today.

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  1. Thanks Robb, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to promote that idea, but I have no idea who I can send the link to that has any status and be able to have faith the right person or people would actually ever read it. I noticed on my statcounter several people had read the post from the link on your site, and one of them was from Johnstown Pennsylvania. So who knows, maybe something will come of it. Just have to wait and see. It would certainly be a good place for large amounts of people, and with satellite hook up it could be synchronized with simultaneous nationwide events. Of course, I’m just selfish enough to hope I get some credit for it if it does happen. HaHa

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