Venezuela Does a Spit Take: “Al-Qaeda Said What!?!”

The reaction from Venezuela at Al-Qaeda’s recent call for attacks on suppliers of U.S. oil which hilariously cited the newly Sovietized nation by name, has been one of bewilderment and confusion. The Devil’s Excrement is reporting that Rear Admiral Luis Cabrera is questioning the authenticity of the message, stating that Al-Qaeda and Venezuela are both fighting against what he calls North American imperialism, so they should be allies. Jihad Watch is also offering analysis of Venezuela’s statements.

Perhaps a threat against the “socialist paradise” of Venezuela will be enough shake the radicals out of their stupor and we on the right will finally get that “popular front” we’ve been waiting for from our left leaning “fellow patriots.” Or more likely “peace” protesters will be donning traditional Islamic guard and calling Chavez “the little Bush” while burning him in effigy.

Welcome to our world Hugo!