More Evidence of Coming Ice Age

Global warming aficionados are suckers who refuse to look at real evidence – like NASA maps that prove the global temperature is decreasing. Just as visionary genius Robert Felix predicted in his much maligned Not by Fire but by Ice the earth is entering another ice age that will lead to world-wide famine and, due mainly to our “scientific” establishment filling people’s heads with visions of a tropical earth, near extinction of an unprepared mankind.

The evidence of this is of course piling up every year and now another report verifies that the sun is entering a phase believed to coincide with mini-ice ages. From Daily Yomiuri Online:

Magnetic field polarity at the solar poles will reverse and become quadrupolar in May, meaning positive fields will emerge in the North and South poles and negative fields will emerge on the equator, according to the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and other institutes.

When a similar phenomenon occurred about 300 years ago, the Earth’s average temperature fell slightly.

A research team led by Saku Tsuneta, a professor at the observatory, analyzed solar magnetic fields data using Hinode, an observational satellite, and confirmed that the polarity of the magnetic field at the North Pole began to reverse in July last year.

The researchers also found the magnetic field at the South Pole, which was expected to reverse along with the North Pole, maintained a positive polarity, ensuring the formation of a quadrupole magnetic field.

The cause behind the shifts in polar fields is not understood. However, it is known that the shifts coincide with the increase and decrease in the number of sunspots over an about 11-year cycle.

The current sunspot cycle has stretched for close to 13 years. A similar situation occurred in the 17th to 18th century, when the average temperature of the Northern Hemisphere decreased by 0.6 C. The research team believes the quadrupolar pattern also emerged at that time.

This was a period of particularly harsh and deadly winters and wide-spread crop failures. Sort of like now except back then there was no MSM telling you to ignore how cold it was getting.