Iran’s Economic First Strike

Before all out conflict with the U.S. Iran’s planning to weaken our country, and our resolve, through destabilizing our economy. Better minds than mine explain it all.

Iran’s President also has demanded that the West Convert or Die.

Yet James Baker believes we can open dialog with Iran to help up solve our “Iraq problem”, all the while ignoring the obvious. Iran wants to go to war with us and they’ll use their proxies, or our reliance on oil, to pull us into a conflict that most of the world thinks we cannot win. Once we follow the I.S.G.’s suggestions, we’ll be seen as a country too terrified of bloodshed to engage in war and Iran will use our defeat to encourage allies to attack us, all the while trying to goad us into war.

They’ll devalue the dollar, send Hizbollah in Lebanon weapons and support to overthrow the government, attack Israel and maybe Europe. And when we finally, as a country, gain the will to fight our enemies it’ll be too late, our economy too wrecked, to do anything but die on the swords of our Iranian conquerers.