North Korea wants war, but not on the Korean peninsula

North Korea has possibly conducted its first verified test of a nuclear weapon just days after D.P.R.K. shill Kim Myong-chol‘s op-ed piece in the Asia Times declared that the next war between The U.S. and North Korea will be fought on American soil. The op-ed piece is filled with typical communist propaganda threatening to destroy America. North Korea’s ability to attack American soil, or stand up against our military might is a debatable point, but not necessarily the important issue for their regime.

North Korea’s test, whether or not it turns out to be “spoofed” as some are suggesting, has no real bearing on the situation, Kim Jong-il has just set the stage for war, one that will reach American soil without North Korean missiles. Just as the war against Islamic Fascists is being fought both externally and internally, any action against the communist regime will mobilize the thousands of anti-American activists that already revel in the mayhem and chaos their “protests” cause.

Groups like the Korean Friendship Association which has branches in several countries including the United States, have covertly recruited radical sympathizers to help prop up the regime for years. Groups like the World Worker’s Party, and International Action Center have pursued an anti-America, Pro-Stalinist agenda for many years. Their front organization, the “anti-war” group A.N.S.W.E.R. has helped radicalize the anti-war movement and recruit young people into their violent revolutionary ideology.

The website of the Atlanta chapter of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade recruits through promoting armed conflict with the United States, a position it learned from its parent organization R.C.P., and “direct action” protests grow in popularity and violence. To international observers it may already seem as if America is in the midst of a civil war, and the D.P.R.K. seeks to exploit this perceived weakness at a time when our nation’s political landscape is at it’s most divisive. North Korea and Iran both continue to make statements aimed at inciting the radicals in our midst to violence, and lead our country from cross party acrimony to all out warfare.

The I.A.C and other anti-American groups have preemptively started an anti-Iranian war campaign, and these same groups openly support North Korea. Their numbers are swelling with a new breed of violent “activist” to whom the potential of their activities to injure or kill Americans is not just inconsequential, but welcome. Just as in France, where mobs of rioters can not just influence policy but annex sections of the country, there are those in the United States who hope to transform the country through revolutionary violence, and like their French counterparts, will use any excuse to start their anti-American pogrom.

There are several large-scale protests being planned by radical Marxist groups for the month of October – no citizen should be surprised when they turn violent. Instead citizens should be prepared for a war that has already begun.