Palestinians Planning New Intifada Regardless of Peace Talk Outcome

Let’s give them a state alert from Fars News:

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement to Tehran dismissed the Mideast peace conference in the US as a failed effort, and said he expected that a new wave of Intifada would arise in the occupied territories following the US summit.

Speaking in a press conference here in Tehran on Tuesday, Naser Abu Sharif said the so-called Mideast peace conference, similar to previous meetings hosted by the US, is merely aimed at rendering support and buying credit for the Zionist regime of Israel which sustained a great loss and defeat in its invasion of Lebanon last summer.

Meantime, he said that the US and Israel are seeking to use the conference to attract the companionship of the moderate governments of the region to form a front against Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

“Palestine is the main issue of the world of Islam and Arab countries cannot have the required legitimacy for accompanying the US plots against Iran, Lebanon and Syria without having the support of their nations,” Abu Sharif said.

He also perceived an obvious failure for the conference, saying, “All political analysts have envisaged failure for the peace conference because this conference has not been built up on proper fundaments.”

“Given the United States’ unilateral support for the Zionist regime, Israel will make no concessions to the Palestinian nation in the conference,” the Islamic Jihad official added.

He also said that Palestinian negotiators are not powerful enough to receive concessions, “Palestinian leaders will step into this conference without the support of the Palestinian nation while Islamic Jihad, Hamas and other groups will not participate in the meeting. Considering all the above, the Palestinian delegation will not have a winning ace in the conference.”

Abu Sharif warned Palestinian negotiators against participation in the conference, saying that if they attend the meeting, they will be forced to sustain a failure.

“The Palestinian and Israeli sides will not achieve anything in the conference,” he said, adding, “and since the Israelis are aware of this point, they will merely strive to normalize their relations with the regional countries during the meeting.”

Abu Sharif said the failure of the conference is a taken-for-granted fact for all the participants, adding that not only the Palestinian side, but also the Israeli regime has accepted to partake in the conference due to the United States’ pressures.

He also anticipated that following the conference in the US, Palestinians would start a new round of Intifada in the occupied territories.

Nice to see the Palestinians are giving peace a chance. I guess within the next few weeks another round of violence will start, no doubt simultaneous with a Hezbollah/Syrian offensive against our Jewish allies in Israel. Debka is reporting Fatah al Islam has taken credit for a drive by shooting attack on Israeli targets while Hezbollah is warning that Lebanon will become “the next Iraq” for America.

I guess the Intifada is on.