The new Klan:

It is hardly breaking news to state that Soros-funded is a hotbed of racism, Marxism, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. This story has been widely circulated and Web sites like WMD have extensive coverage of the whole debacle. The story even made The Washington Times recently, and the moderators of MoveOn’s “Action Forums” have been forced to disable the forums due to their inability to control the hate speech being posted on their site. Luckily, many of the offending quotes were saved by disgusted viewers, a selection of which, thanks to the work of W.M.D., I present below:

Bush is no Hitler. Hitler was a socialist and believed in something beside money. He did not dodge real military service and he believed at least in Germany, which was a real nation and not a corporation like the US. Moreover, Hitler did not use depleted uranium and phosphorous to burn people alive. He did not condone the torture of prisoners ‘for fun’ or ‘to relieve stress.’ forum

For Blacks to receive the discipline basically the military have to offer, and minorities are so much in need, I would suggest that they recruit Blacks, keep them in safe positions state side and not allow them a weapon, because they may use it against those they perceive to be their enemy.”
-Moveon Action Forum

school curricula are dominated by the Talmud, especially a specific Talmudic text called Shulhan Aruch.
In this text, Jews are commanded to slaughter non-Jews who are viewed more or less as animals or at least lesser human beings.
-MoveOn Action Forum

While MoveOn-endorsed candidates like Ned Lamont, who until recently belonged to a whites-only club, or former Klansman Robert Byrd would no doubt be comfortable with their supporters believing such things, most of us are not. The statements above echo that of treasonous terrorist sympathizer David Duke, who in fact agrees with all of the platforms puts forth regarding President Bush, the Iraq war, and the Israeli Palistine conflict. In fact, the only real difference between Duke’s seditious rabble and the MoveOn community is that MoveOn will let minorities join.

With less than five weeks to go it is important for all Americans to stop and think on this story, and its consequences. MoveOn has led the purge of Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman in favor of a millionaire socialist who can’t be bothered to eat with people of other races. The “netroot” community has completely taken over the cause of “anti-Zionism” from their White Supremacist and Islamist allies. The radical Left is now in the process of turning on Jews to curry favor with a larger more activist group of anti-Semites simply to increase their chances of retaking Congress and the Senate in this country.

As a Biracial person, I’m left to wonder, will the left turn on me next? Will those of African descent be the next to be cast aside when political expediency demands it? Will we be vilified as Jews are even now being vilified? Will we let the Democratic Party be perverted into a cabal of racist radicals? On November 7th, though I’m a Republican, I’ll be voting for Lieberman. Every Connecticut resident should do the same and take a stand against the uglier elements that lurk on the fringes of both parties, awaiting a time when desperation or ignorance drives the party to attempt an alliance with those whose real motives would destroy it from within.

It is time for Americans to send a clear message to the small vocal minority who believe it to be acceptable to promote bigotry and intolerance as a surrogate for political debate; we will not abandon our fellow Americans, no matter what their affiliation, when they’re attacked by the most vile amongst us. Republicans and Democrats must at times stand up united and on November 7th we will stand up for Joe Lieberman.

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  1. I am the person who brought the anti-Semitism of MoveOn.Org and its forum to the attention of numerous people including bloggers and editorialists. Here are the facts:

    • I have been following MoveOn.Org since they came to my attention during the first anti-Iraq invasion demonstrations when they teamed up with Stalinist Ramsey Clark and International Answer.

    • From the beginning, had anti-Semitic posts. The posts were not anonymous. The same people were posting this anti-Semitism from the time I got on until they shut down the forum. They had names and they had to be approved with a valid e-mail address by MoveOn.Org personnel.

    • Initially, I was approved. I would dispute the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel posts. Because of this, my messages were frequently deleted. I was barred from posting on the forum. Two or three more times I created a different user ID and each time I disputed the anti-Semitic remarks and each time I was kicked off and my posts were deleted.

    • The people who posted these anti-Semitic remarks were not censored.

    • All of the above shows that the forum was monitored (which they said they did, supposedly to get ideas for MoveOn.Org). For MoveOn.Org (and Eli Pariser in particular) to say that it wasn’t monitored is just a lie.

    • There are about 25,000 postings a year or about 500 a week. MoveOn.Org limits forum members to 3 posts per day. 75-100 posts a day are not hard to monitor.

    • I wrote a letter on April 1, 2004 to MoveOn.Org pointing out that they let anti-Semitic remarks stand but they deleted mine and the blocked me from posting. They never answered.

    • Eli Pariser can call the postings “abhorrent” or anything he wants. It doesn’t matter. Actions matter.

    • All the other MoveOn forum members who protested the anti-Semitism (and there were precious few) were punished the same way I was.

    • If you look at the voting on the anti-Semitic posts, it was overwhelmingly in support of the anti-Semitism.

    Again, MoveOn IS NOT an open forum as shown above.

    Jewish voters can take discomfort in the knowledge that MoveOn.Org and its Jewish leaders (Eli Pariser, Noah T. Winer and George Soros) IS a haven for anti-Semitism and had no problem joining up with International Answer.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with Republican or Democrat. I was a lifelong Democrat and became an Independent because of the philosophy of MoveOn.Org and other “progressive” organizations.

    Jan Mel Poller
    I have been accused of smearing MoveOn.Org, which implies that what I have been reporting is a lie.

    I pointed out that MoveOn.Org monitors the forum while my detractors claim that it is an unmonitored forum. Eli Pariser, in his communications, claims that it is an unmonitored forum.

    Forum rules can be found at .

    The MoveOn.Org rules confirm that Eli Pariser lied to you. The fact that MoveOn openly lies to you about things that are documented in MoveOn.Org’s own words should make you question the other things that MoveOn.Org preaches.

    Just in case MoveOn.Org removes or changes their rules, I have copied them to my own computer. They can’t disappear.

    I want to remind readers that comments challenging anti-Semitic comments were removed and I was locked out of the forum.

    Here are excerpts:

    Note: You can’t be anonymous, you must register

    What are the rules? Everyone is welcome to comment, and rate the comments of others. While you can change your ratings at anytime, you can only rate a comment once. You must abide by the terms of use.

    To participate you must give your real name, occupation, and place of residence. This information will be shown after your comment as your “signature”. You must have a valid email address to register and participate. Your email address will be kept confidential.

    Note: MoveOn Monitors the Forum

    How does MoveOn use ActionForum? MoveOn monitors the forum for input several times a day and uses the information to help set their agenda. Comments that are of immediate relevance are forwarded to the appropriate team member usually within hours. Comments of a more long term nature are compiled weekly in two summaries and passed to the team. Occasionally topic specific summaries are compiled covering a period of a month or more.

    How can I make sure someone at MoveOn reads my post ? All comments are read at least twice. While there is no single criteria, comments that suggest a possible MoveOn action and are not duplicative are likely to be immediately passed on, or included in a summary to the whole MoveOn team. Ratings, while important, are not definitive and some comments with few or low ratings are included in the summaries. Important issues are sometimes followed up with a survey to a sampling of the membership compiled covering a period of a month or more.

  2. I for one thank you for bring this to everyones attention. Your work on the subject not only inspired my post, but opened a lot of peoples eyes to the radically un-American nature of Keep up the good work!

  3. Yay, Israel. Israel is America! If you are anti-semitic you are anti-America!

    If you support a living wage: that’s bad for our jewish CEOs! Every shekle counts towards arming Israel with WMDs!

    If you believe in the 8 hour day, one income to provide for your family, you’re an anti-semite! Work harder! The chosen people need more money and more of your taxes to fund our wars!

  4. As if you’ve ever put in an eight hour day. “Supporting a living wage” is a Communist code word for wealth redistribution. You can dress up your rant in a white sheet all you want, your still spouting discredited Marxist nonsense.

  5. I’m talking about corporate jews (which includes any goy who enables their usury – re: Magna Carta) showing some American patriotism and throwing us a shekle for once you Haggard.

    The American family can’t survive on a single income. Both spouses must work double shifts just to survive record breaking stock-market gains of the jews.

    But you’re not a Christian, compasion and charity: you wouldn’t understand.

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