Woman Raped and Beaten by Three Illegal Aliens Who Police Had Arrested Once Already

A vicious and disgusting crime that was 100% preventable. I hope she sues the police and then the open borders lobby for the pain and suffering she endured:

Two Greenwood men and a juvenile boy are accused of raping and beating a woman they did not know in a car after abducting her from an apartment complex parking lot, police said.

The rape by someone other than an acquaintance was the first in the county in the past five years, Johnson County Prosecutor Lance Hamner said.

The three, who are all illegal immigrants, charged are:

# Luis-Felipe Gomez Coronel, 19, 895 Parliament Place, Apt. 719

# Roberto Rodriguez-Martinez, 22, 1199 Scarborough Lane, Apt. 821

# Alvaro A. Perez, 17, 895 Parliament Place, Apt. 719

The Daily Journal typically does not print the names of juveniles unless they are charged with crimes that would be felonies if committed by an adult. A suspect who is older than 16 and charged with rape is considered an adult, Hamner said.

All three are charged with rape, criminal confinement and sexual battery, which are Class B, C and D felonies, respectively.

Coronel and Rodriguez-Martinez also were charged with attempted criminal deviate conduct, a Class B Felony.

Rodriguez-Martinez and Perez also were charged with criminal deviate conduct, a Class B Felony.

If convicted on all charges, each person would face up to 30 years in prison, Hamner said.

On Saturday, the 26-year-old woman and her boyfriend were walking through the Westminster Apartment complex parking lot near U.S. 31 and County Line Road around 3 a.m. when one of the men called her over to a car.

Martinez grabbed the woman by her hair and put her in the car and sped away, according to the prosecutor’s report. The three each touched her inappropriately, held her down and raped and beat her, according to the report.

They also tried to force her to perform other sex acts.

She said she did not know the men.

“This was a classic stranger rape case, which is particularly disturbing because it’s not the type of crime we have historically seen in Johnson County. In fact, it’s very rare,” Hamner said.

The woman did not know where they were driving but said at one point the men stopped and then stopped again near a field and tried to kick her out.

She had injuries all over her body, including arms, legs, face, chest and back. The three also had injuries and scratches on their bodies from the woman fighting back.

The two men and juveniles later took the woman back to the apartment complex, and her boyfriend found the three men in their green Subaru Legacy on Scarborough Lane near the complex.

When the boyfriend saw the three, they ran away, and the boyfriend flagged someone down to call the police.

Police found two of them after they fled to a video store south of U.S. 31 and County Line Road and the other after he fled to a fabric store north of the intersection.

The boyfriend drove around the area for about one to two hours looking for the three and his girlfriend after she was abducted, according to the report.

The horror of that night will be etched on that couple forever. But the worst part of the story is this:

Greenwood Police Department officials arrested the men almost a week ago, but Police Chief Joe Pitcher wouldn’t release any details about the crime or suspects.

These three animals should have been deported. If they were this atrocity would never have happened.

The savagery of the attack, and its brazen nature, should also worry Americans. I argued in a post called Pax Americana that without exporting American values abroad, specifically values concerning the treatment of women and children, we expose our citizens to extreme risks when allowing unfettered immigration from countries where misogyny is the norm. Many countries in Latin America, where child rapist Daniel Ortega was elected president of Nicaragua despite it being well known he raped his step-daughter for years, allow men to treat women in barbaric ways very similar to the above incident and consider it normal.

From Author Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin’s essay Importing Violence: The Danger of Immigration from Violent Cultures:

The fact is that South American male attitudes toward females are often archaic and misogynistic. Thus it is not surprising that the U.S. is seeing more attacks against women and little girls committed by these immigrants. In August 2005, illegal immigrant Jose Ramirez from El Salvador was charged with the violent attack of a 15 year old girl who refused to respond when he whistled at her (Roh, 2005). Perhaps such primitive behavior stems from the homeland culture. El Salvador and Guatemala have had a string of unsolved brutal murders where young females have been abducted and cut apart. Authorities have found body parts, including heads scattered around. In one instance, two female heads were deposited right in front of a local police station, blood still oozing from the severed heads (Miles, 2003). Gangs are suspected in these crimes as it is often part of their initiation to kill.

A serial rapist from Honduras was recently convicted in New Jersey. Ricardo Cepates is an illegal immigrant who was convicted on 26 counts of kidnapping, rape, and robbery. Another illegal immigrant, who should have been deported in 2000, savagely stabbed Carly Snyder to death. Fredil Rodriquez hailed from Honduras and apparently brought his hatred of women with him (Hirsch, June 15, 2005).

Perhaps the most grotesque and gruesome crime is the rape and murder of a nun by yet another migrant worker from South America. It is amazing that this story received so little attention when imaginary crimes against illegal immigrants are portrayed on television shows in order to gain sympathy for these criminals (i.e. a T.V. show airing an episode where a Minutemen volunteer hurts an illegal immigrant). Thirty three year old Maximiliano Esparza raped and sodomized two nuns and used their rosary beads to control them during the attack. The Sisters were beaten, raped, sodomized, and finally, Esparza used her own rosary beads to strangle Sister Helen Lynn Chaska to death. Esparza had needed lodging and checked into the Klamath Falls Gospel Mission in Oregon. This Spanish speaking migrant had spent his evening getting drunk at a local strip club and encountered the nuns as they were walking and saying prayers. Of note, Esparza had a history of criminal behavior and had served a three year sentence in a California prison. He had been deported one time, and shockingly, U.S. Border Patrol let him go after detaining him a few months prior to the rape/murder. It doesn’t get more vile and disgusting than this.


The carnage has continued year after year. Walter Alexander Sorto was an illegal alien and Salvadorian national. Maybe he was one of those wonderful people who break our immigration laws to fill jobs at wages no U.S. citizen can afford to take. Or perhaps, he was not. Like so many others, 25 year old Sorto is a sex killer. In 2003, he snatched, raped, and slaughtered two women in Houston. Most disturbing is the fact that he had been known to police for his prior offenses which included robbery. He was on probation for his robbery when he butchered the women (Hayes, 2004).

If you are not yet disgusted, you will be. Not only are criminal immigrants coming from cultures that are misogynistic, but they are changing U.S. culture in response to their sickness. Many illegal aliens join violent gangs which take over neighborhoods and terrorize innocent citizens. These gangs are highly organized with tentacles spread through several countries. The mantra of the deadly MS13 gang is: blood in, blood out. And the chilling effects of the illegal aliens participation in these gangs are very far reaching. For example, on December 19, 2002, Victor Cruz, Jose Hernandez, Armando Juvenal, and Carlos Rodriguez were involved with the drawn out gang rape of an unsuspecting 42 year old New York woman. These illegal aliens were well known to police for their prior crimes of assault, attempted robbery, drug offenses, and illegal gun possession. No deportation followed their lesser offenses because of the sanctuary policy.

Case after case of rape by illegal aliens who were known to be violent criminals by the police who did nothing to deport them. In the above essay the perpetrators imported a hatred for women and lack of respect for the law that should be unacceptable for our streets. But the authorities do accept this sort of criminality again and again.

If we aren’t going to export our values, or at the very least demand immigrants here assimilate into American culture, than criminals need to be deported. The alternative is for young couples to be victimized by sub-humans who think nothing of kidnapping a woman and violently raping her.

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  1. My sister lives in the same apartment building in greenwood, in.
    The same building that those scumbag criminal rapists came from.
    I didn’t even here about this until I read your article.
    What can the average guntoting citizen do when local law enforcement can’t or won’t do anything.

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