Anti-War.Com Latest Left Wing Blog to Display Their Anti-Semitism

When it’s in the comment s section, left-wingers usually claim any racist or anti-Semitic rant is planted by right wing trolls who want to make them look bad, but this post on can’t be so easily explained away. It is a retelling of a truly horrid story first reported by Haartz of a female tourist being attacked by a insular groups of ultra religious men who objected to her modernity. In a surprise twist these particular barbarians happened to be Jewish as opposed to the usual suspects for a story like this.

But author Jeremy Sapienza puts a hateful spin on the story, using it as an indictment of Israel, and broad brushing ultra orthodox Jews in a statement that’d be called racism if aimed at Muslims:

To their credit, Israelis and Jews around the world chimed in with plain disgust in Ha’aretz’s comments section, many calling for an end to the welfare bummitude of Israel’s sidecurled class, who don’t work, don’t serve in the Army, and have gigantic litters of children for which they get gobs of money mugged from Israeli taxpayers

Emphasis mine. There have been several instances of groups of Muslim men, some of whom are on welfare, attacking women in Europe and Australia, and were I to right a screed about “the litters” of children running about committing crimes, Jeremy would rightfully call me a racist. Animals have litters, humans have children, and it is racist in the extreme to put forward the belief that people have children for the express purpose of collecting welfare. In this country, people who make claims about welfare recipients are vilified as racists (even though most welfare recipients are in fact white) and they should be. The statements thy make are often attempts to promote racist beliefs about other groups.

Likewise, Sapienza’s article is an attempt to vilify Jews and Israel by pointing out the outrageous behavior of religious fanatics, and in the process of doing so demonize the group as sub-human. Were I to say Palestinians had litters of children, wandered in packs, howled like monkeys or anything else about them that gave them sub-human characteristics, I’d receive a hastily scrawled hate mail form Sapienza about my bigotry, ignorance and intolerance.

But because Sapienza’s targets are Jews, he’ll get a free pass.