Denver Police Stocking Up on Crowd Control Devices

Looks like they’re expecting trouble:

Denver police are stocking up on guns that fire a pepper spray-like substance instead of bullets – a less-lethal weapon used to disperse crowds – in advance of the Democratic National Convention.

The department recently ordered 88 Mark IV launchers and projectiles at a cost “in the low six figures,” the company that makes the weapons stated in a news release Monday.

The request was for delivery in advance of the DNC, according to Louisville- based Security With Advanced Technology Inc.

The convention, scheduled for Aug. 25 to 28 at the Pepsi Center, is expected to draw thousands of protesters to sites throughout Denver.

The city received a $50 million federal grant for security. A senior adviser to Mayor John Hickenlooper has said the city plans to spend up to half that amount on equipment, with the rest going to pay officers.

The moonbats planning to riot are spreading rumors designed to cause panic in the protest, thus ensuring that some sort of violence occurs:

Some organizers of protest groups believe police are buying extended-range Tasers and weapons that incapacitate people with high-intensity sound.

That’s great. Most of these protesters will be high and the organizers are claiming that they should watch out for “invisible rays” that will incapacitate them. What could go wrong?

Police may not be the only people stocking up for a clash in the midwest:

GENESEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Authorities say more than 50 guns have been stolen from a Flint-area firearms dealer.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says surveillance cameras show at least four suspects breaking into Bullock’s Guns N More Inc. in Genesee County’s Genesee Township early Thursday and stealing the weapons.

The gun thefts happened in Democratic stronghold Michigan, which will no doubt be sending a large contingent to both the DNC convention and Recreate ’68. I’m not claiming to know there’s a definite connection, I’m just asking questions as truthers are apt to say.

Is it possible the far-left is radical enough to move from brick throwing to armed struggle?

3 thoughts on “Denver Police Stocking Up on Crowd Control Devices

  1.  Problem is, left, right or center, agnostic or capital “B” believer, when the government takes the other guy’s rights away, the government has just taken your rights away from you. When you allow the government to physically harm or otherwise restrict the freedoms of others, there is nothing left that
    prevents the government from doing the same to you.

    Do some research. Find out who is involved, who is backing and training the Denver PD…and arming them with military grade weaponry. A federally financed, military-trained and armed civilian police department. Doesn’t that give you pause? Or do you think you are immune to the influences of tyranny?

    Then…you know….think about it fer a bit. You’ll get there.

    …and go back and re-read Adams, Jefferson and Washington and all the rest. I think you mis-understood what they said before and after the did that whole revolution thingy…

  2. A) Paintball guns loaded with pepper balls is hardly military grade weaponry. It’s an attempt to kid glove you. Riots should be broken up with nightsticks.

    B) Do you think the founding fathers believed you had the freedom to destroy other people’s property? To assault innocent people minding their business?

    C) How many rapes, murders and assaults will happen by the crowd of drugged up “revolutionaries” if the police lose control of the situation? I think you should read up on the crime reports from Woodstock 99 (or was it 98?) to see why a police department would be taking steps to contain a crowd that’s already threatened violence.

    Take your Ron Paul sign and go to Denver, but don’t complain when some of your fellow travelers rape your old lady or beat you with bottles, just keep saying “this is how you stop tyranny!”

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