Fred Kaplan’s Hit Piece Explained

By The Great Satan’s Girlfriend with a little assist by the world’s most hated hot chick. Old Freddy K. wrote a piece for WaPO that complains that Rice’s new world view isn’t in keeping with the thirty year wet dream of thug huggery bringing peace to a world where Europe, Canada and the U.N. hide behind our skirts. This doesn’t sit well with Kaplan, who I assume thinks the thirty years leading up to 9/11 went swimmingly.

One month into Bush’s second term, she canceled a trip to Egypt to protest President Hosni Mubarak’s arrest of Ayman Nour, the leader of an opposition party. She rescheduled the trip for June, after Nour was released, and delivered a rousing speech at the American University in Cairo, demanding that Mubarak give his people liberty. “For 60 years,” she said, “my country, the United States, pursued stability at the expense of democracy in this region . . . and we achieved neither. Now we are taking a different course. We are supporting the democratic aspirations of all people.” A “fully free and democratic world,” she declared, is “inevitable.”

Rice had spun 180 degrees from the positions she’d held for the previous 30 years.

In the mid-1970s, as a graduate student at the University of Denver, she’d been the star pupil of Josef Korbel (the father of former secretary of state Madeleine Albright). A Czech ¿migr¿, Korbel had witnessed the collapse of the world order between the 20th century’s two great wars and concluded that keeping the peace required not laws or ideals but a stable balance of power.

In the late ’80s, Brent Scowcroft, President George H.W. Bush’s national security adviser, hired Rice onto his staff. A prot¿g¿ of Henry Kissinger, the ultimate realist, Scowcroft scorned the idea that morality should dominate foreign policy. While advising Bush’s son during his 2000 presidential campaign, Rice remained firmly in this mold. In an article for Foreign Affairs magazine, she called “power politics” and “power balances” the key elements of national security.

Yet just five years later, she wrote in a Washington Post op-ed, “the fundamental character of regimes matters more today than the international distribution of power.” And: “Democracy is the only assurance of lasting peace and security between states, because it is the only guarantee of freedom and justice within states.”

If only we propped up more bloodthirsty Baathis/Nazi/Islamist dictators we would be safer. Oh wait, isn’t that one of Bin Ladin’s complaints about us? And didn’t the very policy he loves so much lead to 9/11? What’s this guy’s problem?

The Great Satan’s Girlfriend, who I think is more like America’s little sister, has the simple answer: Jealousy.

“Jealousy – you such an evil thang” are lyrics breathed rather than sung (ala Jessica Simpson) on a track on Paris Hilton’s CD. It also provides a wickedly clever sound track to the current, weirdly comical death throes of the know it all club of Realism.

“Realpolitik” is a hold over from an old school era. Instantly Americanized by The Great Satan into ‘Realism’, America didn’t care how unfree, how uncool, how total despotism was in nations – as long as they kept out the Commies and Mohammedist fundies they could treat their own people as they wished. Protection guaranteed. Good times.

Ah, the avatar realists – hallowed names in American statecraft like Baker, Scowcroft, Talbot and Kissinger. Alas many of their ilk cannot come to terms with fact that 911 incinerated their ideas and policies just as surely as the nearly 3K innocents who showed up for work that day.

Dr.Fred Kaplan’s bizarro “Condi is a Retard’ 2 page rant in the Washington Post. Cats who spent their entire adult lives explaining, expounding and exploiting their amoral Cult of Stability are NOT going down without a fight.

Long after her celebrity and charm have been forgotten, her epitaph will endure:
She pursued democracy at the expense of stability, and achieved neither.

“Jealousy such a wicked thang” blinds one to their own failures. Like pursuing stability. In the real world (no pun intended) this thug hugging theory brought no stability, no peace and no democracy. Kaplan and Co have left a mess that has spawned instability, terrorism, oil embargoes, genocide and several wars. The Great Satan has had to take out the trash for a world that bought all their outdated ideas.

Read the rest, it’s the best concise explanation of the increasingly hysterical foreign policy critics and their savage attacks on Dr. Rice I’ve read. And of course the genius of it is using America’s favorite punching bag as a jumping off point. Why’s that genius? Because the same ideology driving the “peace at any price” school of thought is also responsible for the new class war platform so popular on the left. Hilton, who frankly hasn’t done anything Al Gore’s son hasn’t been pinched for, is a target because she represents an important part of the American dream the left hates.

Paris Hilton is rich because her parents can give her money, they can allow her not to work. That’s the benefit of success here in America, the ability to take care of people you care about. I assume Kaplan and his ilk hate her too, for the same reason he’s on Dr. Rice’s case. Jealousy.

Here’s the video for the song:


Oh. It’s also genius because nothing brings in a few hundred extra hits like Paris Hilton. That’s why we love her!


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