Goddamn … Just Damn!

Ugh! This is some nasty s***!

You know those hotel workers who are supposedly “doing the jobs Americans won’t do?” Looks like one of the jobs the hotel workers won’t do is wash dirty glasses properly. MyFoxAtlanta, a local news station in Georgia, went undercover earlier this month to investigate housekeeping sanitary practices at several hotels–and once you watch the results of their hidden-camera probe, I guarantee you’ll never want to drink out of hotel cups or mugs again

The double M has the video. Watch it if you dare. It came from The Black Informer who has saved thousands with this post from some serious infections.

And when traveling I used to think it was the water that got me, turns out it was lack of water.

The reporter who broke the story has a blog post about it. Dig this:

There is no way around it, our dirty hotel story was gross. Even our public health expert called what we found at the Holiday Inn Downtown, the Alpharetta Embassy Suites and the Sheraton Galleria Suites disgusting and outrageous. But most importantly, he said what we watched was a clear health code violation.

This is how we found out about the story: a former employee called me to say that housekeeping doesn’t wash the guest room cups or glasses. Sure enough, armed with hidden cameras we found he was right. The Embassy Suites housekeeper sprayed a blue liquid labeled “Do Not Drink” into our cups, which she put in our dirty sink. She rinsed them out then set them back out for the next person.

A spokeswoman for Embassy Suites wouldn’t go on camera but let it slip, “Well they only have X amount of time to clean a room and that’s why they do it.” What?!?!?!?! Is she saying management doesn’t allow them time to properly follow county health codes?

At the Holiday Inn housekeeping just splashed some water around the glasses then left them for the next person to use.

But the most disturbing thing we saw was at the Sheraton where our housekeeper, wearing a big glove, cleans the toilet. Next, she uses that same glove to clean our cups. But there’s more: she sniffs our dirty wash cloth and uses that to dry our glasses.

What did Sheraton management have to say? “It’s too controversial an issue” to comment. Hmmm….. Why is it controversial if it’s an isolated incident?

Damn! Just Damn!

Is there an immigration angle to this as the Malkster seems to think? Looks like it. As one commenter there said “third world hygiene comes to America”.