Liberals Silent On Islamic Abuse Of Gays

Debbie Schlussel has the latest Islamic attack on the rights of adults to freely associate as they please. Nigeria’s new anti-Gay laws are considered outrageous even by its evangelical Christian minority, but it seems that American “activists” don’t care to mention this recent atrocity.

Rosie’s been pretty silent on this one too.

Communists and Socialists will abandon anyone to expand their power base, and bowing to the wishes of Muslims greatly enhances the support Marxists receive, bolstering their aging ranks with more violent, more “revolutionary” new blood who will have the passion (it is hoped) to overturn the governments of the world and create a “worker’s paradise”, even if it is one with a decidedly Arabic flavor. If that means throwing the LBGT community to the wolves then so be it.

I’ll remember the silence on the left the next time some Radical is calling me a homophobe.