Lt. General W.G. Boykin: Obama Administration a “Marxist Insurgency”

Lt. General William G. Boykin was a founding member of Delta Force in the late 1970s and served his country with honor and distinction before becoming a popular author and speaker. In the following video made by The Oak Initiative Boykin uses his experience in our nations special forces to lay out the case that the Obama administration and its non-governmental allies (OWS etc) are behaving exactly the way Marxist insurgents would when taking over a country. He also points out the terrifying part of Obama care that no one really has talked about – the creation of a Ready Reserve Corp that is obviously a government controlled paramilitary. He also speaks about the U.N. gun control treaty Obama is trying to sign and why that’s important. I urge all Americans to watch this video with an open mind:

He has more videos on the subject at the website.

One thought on “Lt. General W.G. Boykin: Obama Administration a “Marxist Insurgency”

  1. I agree! obama needs to be voted out and then his whole administration tried for war crimes and his position as a judge and jury of which american lives and dies.

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