OBL Calls for Americans to Overthrow our own Government

Gateway Pundit has scans of the OBL transcript which explicitly call for Americans to rise up and overthrow our Capitalist system and “embrace Islam.” The instructions to American terror sympathizers are on pgs 4 and five. Gateway’s also being reported that many Al-Qaeda supporting websites have shut down.

Islamic Revival hasn’t though and have coincidentally has penned a anti-Capitalist diatribe which elaborates on many of Osama bin Ladin’s points about our financial system here.

For the Pleasure of My Lord has more Jihadist death poetry, this time from a wife whose Husband died in Iraq, and she hopes to “follow my beloved quickly so I can hug him soon.” Creepy, maudlin and oddly timed to say the least.

So why does Osama think there are Americans ready to rise up and join his Jihad anyway? What could possibly imply to Al-Qaeda that there are non-Muslim Americans who will jump at the chance to convert, accept the leadership of a man who claims responsibility for 9/11 (truthers take note) and “smash capitalism” with him?

Could it be this?

Or This?

Maybe this?

How about this?

The truth is that bin Ladin believes (and is likely correct) that left wing organizations have radicalized thousands of young, impressionable Americans and left them without much of a platform to stand on besides hating America, now like a vulture he’s swooping in to pick at the carcass and get fresh fodder for his war against civilization.

How many “anti-war” protesters do you think will heed his call, I’m going with a good 25%.

2 thoughts on “OBL Calls for Americans to Overthrow our own Government

  1. When we were battling the Brits in the Revolutionary War, one third wanted independence, one third were loyalists, and one third just didn’t care either way.

    There have always been those who would welcome any invader rather than fight, there have always been those who would find someone among our enemies to make common cause with, and there have always been those who, out of sincere principles which we might not understand, feel they need to side against us.

    Having the deck stacked against us just makes our victory sweeter!


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