Ohio Democrat Poll Worker Attacks Man Who Catches Her Stealing Votes for Obama

And the man who blew the whistle on her ended up being suspended even though he was the victim of a violent assault. From Ohio.com:

Both Summit County poll workers involved in a physical altercation at a local nursing home over a ballot dispute have been placed on unpaid leave by the elections board.

But Republican poll worker George Manos, who filed a police report on the incident, claims he is the victim and shouldn’t be punished. He said he thinks it is retaliation for him speaking up.

”I guess what I should have done is not report it,” Manos, 75, said in a phone interview Tuesday.

The board and Cuyahoga Falls police are investigating the incident, which occurred about noon Friday at the Gardens of Western Reserve nursing home. Manos told police that Democratic poll worker Edith Walker jumped on his back and struck him in the head three or four times after he confronted her for allegedly mismarking a female resident’s ballot — showing her voting for Sen. Barack Obama, instead of Sen. John McCain.

The ballot scuffle has since gained national attention, including being discussed on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show and listed on the Drudge Report.

The board immediately placed Walker, 73, on leave without pay. Marijean Donofrio, the board’s Democratic director, decided to do the same for Manos on Tuesday morning, pending a decision by the board at a meeting next Tuesday. She said she consulted with John Manley with the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office,
who thought it was prudent for both employees to be on leave.

”It’s not a scare tactic,” Donofrio said. ”If one is not permitted to work, the other should be treated the same.”

How asinine. Why should a man who tried to defend a nursing home resident’s right to cast a vote the way she wants and then was assaulted for it be “treated the same” as a violent cretin who changed some poor womans vote to support her candidate?

Manos said the dispute happened when it was Walker’s turn to help a female resident with her ballot. He said Walker asked the woman who she wanted to vote for and the woman said McCain.

Manos said he got suspicious when Walker marked on the upper part of the ballot — where Obama’s name is listed — rather than on the bottom where McCain’s name appears. When Walker was finished with the woman’s ballot, he said he told her he wanted to see the ballot but she refused.

Manos said he grabbed the ballot and took it over to two other poll workers for them to inspect. He said the ballot was marked for Obama.

Manos said Walker jumped on his back, wrapping her legs around his legs. He said she put her left arm around his neck, while using her other hand to hit him on the head. He said the other poll workers pulled Walker off him.

Manos said Walker ran over, grabbed the ballot and ran back to her table. When Manos and the other poll workers looked at the ballot, he said both Obama and McCain were marked.

The voter was given a new ballot and able to indicate her presidential pick.

Manos, a former stockbroker who served in the military, said his neck has been sore since the incident and he might go to the doctor to be examined. He said he thinks Walker intentionally mismarked the ballot and tried to cover it up.

”It was obvious,” he said. ”She knew what she was doing.”

Yeah and so does the person who suspended Manos. The Democrats are stealing this election and we can’t sit by and let it happen. If Obama wins, we riot.

h/t Pagan Power