Russia: ACTA Agreement Proves Obama’s Kind of a Fascist (Obama Responds with Fascism)

After watching the report it’s hard to disagree.

ACTA will apparently allow some security guards in the airport to access and copy whatever is on your laptop, leading to embarrassment and awkwardness indeed if you happen to promote the wrong Internet model, like say Indy Wrestler/fetish diva Tara Bush, who runs a classy operation that’s reasonably priced but may be an, ahem, acquired taste.

Regardless, why should a struggling blogger have to explain to some rent-a-cop what promotional offers pay for his visits to New Orleans? According to Barry O, it’s because some of you nerds are illegally downloading music off the web. His answer? An invasion of privacy so egregious if Bush had done it there would have been riots in the streets. No wonder the ACTA agreement has been shrouded in secrecy.

Here’s the video:


Surreal.  Gateway Pundit has more. Here’s a .pdf concerning ACTA, courtesy Wikileaks. Read it and weep Obamunists.

Speaking of fascism, Atlas has a report up about the Obama administration summoning Dr. Bob Basso, the Thomas Paine guy making those awesome videos, to the White House to discuss the “the nature of these disturbing videos” and demanding that Basso not tell anyone. Assuming this is credible, why the secrecy?

The better to silence him? I’m just asking questions!

But seriously, if Bob Basso dies some time soon it’ll be civil war, I guarantee it. Patriots vs Obama’s army of college sophomores. It’ll be a massacre.