Socialist Front Group Continues to Harass Jewish Owned Business

New York U.A.C. chapter leader Pamela Hall alerts us to this disgusting example of Marxist anti-semitism. Adalah-NY, a “middle east justice” organization that was created by the terror supporters of the International Solidarity Movement and other anti-American groups like the International Socialist Organization and Socialist Action, an organization who proudly publicizes their chilling vision for America where nuclear families are dissolved and the “ruling classes” (their own parents in most cases) are eliminated through violence.

It’s not shocking that groups as evil as these chose to express their solidarity with the terrorists of Palestine by reenacting Germany’s Nazi led boycotts of Jewish business. The anti-Semitic Socialists have been harassing a N.Y. business called Leviev Diamonds who they accuse of destroying communities in NYC (!?!) Palestine and Africa. They’ll be singing “carols” highlighting the many evils “Israeli Diamond and Settlement mogul” in front of his NYC shop.

These modern day brown shirts will be peddling their hatred at 700 Madison Ave (between 62nd and 63rd st) from 1:00-3:00pm tomorrow. Be there to meet them if you can.

2 thoughts on “Socialist Front Group Continues to Harass Jewish Owned Business

  1. I live in Holland so I obviously can’t be there but I support you guys. Get that anti-Semetic, anti-American scum!

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