Ted Kennedy’s a Communist agent!

I didn’t jump on this one for a lot of reasons, most importantly because it’s a cliche. Otherwise I also expected that the sensational charges about Kennedy would prove to be smoke and mirrors, a conclusion only viable if one used the kind of conspiracy theory logic more at home on the far left.

I was content to let Hot Air sort this out, and did they ever. It looks like a rock solid case of Comintern style agency on the part of Ted Kennedy, but for political gain rather then ideological motives. It’s interesting to note that the story evolves to include Kennedy plotting against both Reagan and Jimmy Carter.

A book being launched that flat out accuses a sitting senator of being treason seems like big news, but interestingly enough the story’s getting most of it’s play on the right side of the web.

The book that brought this to light is Paul Kengor’s The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the fall of Communism. It’s worth a read.

Considering J.F.K.’s hard-line stance against Communism this is probably one of the most shocking Kennedy revelations to come to light in a long time.