This is How the Left Celebrates 9/11

I think this is a picture by ZombieTime but I’m not 100% sure. Anyway I just saw several of my old academic associates (who I keep tabs on via social networks, avoiding having to actually keep in touch) posting sentiments more subtle, but essentially the same. I was friends with a lot of liberals. Here’s how they think:


Needless to say I rarely speak with many of my former friends.

3 thoughts on “This is How the Left Celebrates 9/11

  1. Rob Taylor,

    Do you have any idea what is wrong with people like this? Why do they hate their own country so much?

  2. I should mention on my blog, Trotskyite Communists whom run the World Socialist Web Site whom displayed 9/11 “Truther” conspiracy theories oddly enough agree everything what Alex Jones says what “happened” on 9/11 and why the USA’s in the Middle East.

    The far left Tides Foundation which funds also posted “Truther” propaganda on the 9/11 anniversary too. No wonder Jones is up in arms against Conservative talk radio, he’s too stubborn to realize that he’s a Useful Idiot tool to recruit Conservatives into a possible Communist Revolution which he’d be apart of, and also promoting show trials for Conservatives whom refuse to join his cause.

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