White Pride Party Wide: “Liberals” drag Dems into gutter, again

Being of mixed race myself, the charges of racism leveled at the R.N.C. for running an ad implying that a white woman asking a black politician to “call me” made me very uneasy. The critics point that the commercial would negatively effect Ford’s campaign is flawed logic because a racist wasn’t going to support Ford anyway, nor will a racist support Republicans. I’ve heard this sort of flawed logic all my life, from white liberals who, upon learning I’m half Black, told me to “pass” because of the vicious racism of Americans. This prejudice never materialized however, except from these same liberals.

So I was reminded of this when the cries of “racist” first went up, and when the “jungle drum” nonsense started I realized what this was: projection.

These white liberals were the ones who were uncomfortable with a white woman assumedly wanting to have sex with a Black man, and if it bothered them, then conservatives (who are of course much more racist then them) must be foaming at the mouth and preparing their lynching ropes.

Most people don’t fall for the “I’m a good white person, he’s a bad white person” bunk that liberals have been so fond of since the late ’70’s. That doesn’t stop the left from trying, but it bothers them. So much does it bother them that their frustration at rapidly declining support amongst African-Americans shows itself in interesting ways.

Like this for instance, or the infamous Lieberman black face photo that was posted by Jane Hamsher at Huffingtonpost (who only took it down when there was national attention) of worst of all the black face hit job on Michael Steele.

The vile racist who put Wolf Blitzer in black face, who doesn’t seem to allow comments, has a typically grandiose, paranoid site that looks on it’s face like a parody of left-wing sites. Filled to the brim with convoluted logic, conspiracy theories, pro-Baathist propaganda and folk Marxist theology, it’s less a blog and more a visual scream, a representation of one man’s anger at a world that isn’t enough like him to please him.
More importantly it is an attack on a world where not enough people agree with him, especially those people who should always agree with him.
And of course like all angry liberals, the dirty secret of his own racism exposes itself. The Klan robes that hide beneath the cloak of liberalism are never more then a tirade away from billowing noxiously in the wind of self-righteousness.

That’s why I’m a Republican.

H/T Right Wing News

Update: Can you guess where neo-Klanner Billmon is blogrolled? Look under the Kos Alumni section.