Red Alerts is Changing Part II: What’s Changing?

In my prior post I discussed why I decided to change Red Alerts, but here I want to announce the specifics of the change. As I said, Red Alerts will be more focused on the practical rather than the political. Red Alerts will also no longer cover crime unless there is some sort of imminent danger to the public they need to be aware of. For example, there was a recent story in the news of criminals setting up fake road blocks to target women in Houston, Texas. Making people aware of this kind of situation so that they can avoid it themselves will be the only crime blogging that will be done on this site. We will deal mainly in crime prevention as opposed to crime reporting from now on.

Stories detailing criminality in general will be on Greenville Dragnet. This includes the Victimless Crimes Files section.

All the previous posts on Red Alerts will remain accessible on a separate archive page that will include the old categories. There are new categories that will be appearing on Red Alerts.

American Survival Blog will be folded into Red Alerts. Eventually the title of Red Alerts will be changed to Red Alerts: The American Survival Blog but the technical details of this are being worked out as we make changes to the theme and interface. We are currently working on improving the functionality of Red Alerts for users. The content of American Survival Blog will eventually be imported to Red Alerts, but for now ASB will remain accessible but will not be updated.

Now for the nitty gritty:

New Comment Policy – The comments will be reserved for people who want to add information to articles. If you disagree, do so politely and leave. There will be no arguments, no Paulnuttery (I don’t care if the Jewish Space Lizards run the world), no racism, sexism, or any other isms.

I don’t care if you like or dislike gays, or Latinos or me or your ex-wife. I’m not your therapist. If you add nothing to the discussion you’ll go into spam.

Save your threats. Paulnuts, White Nationalists, pot smokers, Muslims, Wiccans, I’m looking at you. I live in Mauldin, South Carolina. If you want to “kick my ass” let me know. But I’m no longer stroking egos by letting you type out threats online.

You Can Advertise With Us! Use the contact forms for details. Our rates are reasonable and include promotion on social networks as well as on site. You need a shill? I’m your man.

Blogroll Changes – I’ll be changing the blogroll and that means some of you are getting cut. No offense and this doesn’t mean I don’t like your blogs. I will no longer be dealing with politics so many of those links will indeed go.

For political opinion I suggest the following blogs which are always thought provoking and full of news and opinion you don’t necessarily find anywhere else:

Babalu Blog


Bird Brain

Conservative Rainbow

Dissecting leftism

The Devil’s Excrement

Great Satan’s Girlfriend

Zionist Anti-Communist

Tips – If you have contacted me in the last few weeks with tips that are crime related you may want to contact me again to refresh my memory. If you had a story that was political and I haven’t gotten to it let me know and I will pass it along to someone else. We are always looking for tips concerning self-reliance or stories that will immediately impact people’s daily lives so please continue contacting me. I may not be able to respond to all emails.

Meeting Me -This is an aside but while I’m boring you … Because I am involved with many different groups people sometimes ask if I’m “appearing” places. I was at several Tea Parties and a Nikki Haley meet and greet for example, and people think I was there as a blogger. That’s not the case. People are confusing the fact that I have become semi-infamous in certain circles with actual fame. I’m nobody special, but will show up to any event that seems interesting if invited. That being said, I will be accompanying Jenn Q. Public to the Smart Girl Politics convention called The Smart Girl Summit, so if you’re in the area we may bump into each other. I’ll be wearing cowboy boots with a flame pattern.

But otherwise, no, I do not “meet” people I “know” online unless there’s some special circumstance. No offense meant, but I will not be joining your militia, attending your skyclad Sabbat or hitting the bars with you, not because I don’t like you (you’re all great!) but because I’m a hermit. I will plug said events for you, but it’s unlikely I’ll attend. Unless you advertise with us.

Support Red Alerts – Aside from supporting our awesome advertisers, whose products I wholeheartedly endorse, many of you have used our Amazon links for purchases and I really appreciate the support readers have given the site. Thank you and I hope that the new Red Alerts is as enjoyable and informative for readers in the years to come.

Did I mention you can support Red Alerts by clicking here to make your Amazon purchases?

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  1. Thanks for the link as a sendoff Rob. I look forward to seeing what this blog evolves into, but I will certainly miss your awesome crime blogging.

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