This is Why I Hate Pajamas Media

Earlier today I got a story from Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs, who got it from Denis Keohane at American Thinker who was writing about something he saw on, you guessed it, Pajamas Media. Long time readers will notice that I have very rarely linked to the brainchild of noted liar Charles Johnson and Roger Simon and this incident reinforces my views. Pajamas Media remained on the sidelines while Charles Johnson single handedly smothered the online counter-jihad movement in its crib starting with his attacks on Gates of Vienna and most recently with his racism set up of Hot Air.

But even then I assumed the information provided by PJ blogger Michael Ledeen was accurate and had been verified which was simply laziness on my part. Partly this was due to my respect for Ledeen’s work with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, but that doesn’t excuse the mistake. I apologize to readers for posting erroneous information and my lapse in judgment for not being skeptical of PJ when it counted. I should have known better.

10 thoughts on “This is Why I Hate Pajamas Media

  1. Rob Taylor,

    I’m glad than that you took it down and let us know why. I was considering sending that commentary you wrote on Obama’s master’s thesis to some of my buddies over at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance, but now I’m glad I did not. It would have tarnished the reputation of your site.

    Here’s an idea through maybe you could write one of your commentaries and deliberately link to some of their most inaccurate, untruthful stories and point out how inaccurate and dishonest they are? Too many people, some even in the conservative movement, still trust Charles Johnson and his cronies. He needs to exposed for what he is.

  2. Pajamas Media gives their writers a lot of freedom which is generally a good thing. They have some excellent contributors including Victor Davis Hanson, Andrew Klavan, and of course Zo Rachel. They also offer a platform to popular bloggers like Dan Riehl, Dan Blatt, Rusty Shackleford, and La Shawn Barber. While they may need stricter editorial oversight at PJ Media, they deserve recognition for publishing a wide range of talented voices with diverse and thought-provoking opinions.

    Obviously they would do well to explicitly distance themselves from Charles The Lizard King, but I hate to see the entire operation discredited because of their association with Charles Johnson, especially since he has not been with PJM for a couple of years. One writer made an error in judgment and it was corrected promptly and visibly. I don’t think PJM has a reputation for frequent errors like this.

    That said, I agree with Damien that writing about Charles Johnson will be a worthwhile endeavor until it becomes clear to all mainstream conservatives how little respect he deserves. He no longer merits being taken seriously by anyone on the right.

  3. Jenn Q. Public,

    I don’t even think he merits being taken seriously by any one on the left either. I mean if you are going to lie about people who disagree with you, in order to demonize them, instead of trying to discredit their claims, why should any one trust you at all?

  4. Damien-

    The left lies constantly, so that would be no skin off their noses. Look at their treatment of Palin, which was conducted with the tacit or in some cases open approval of many establishment Republicans. I don’t know anything about Charles Johnson, but if he is as bad as people say he is, he’s still just one liar among many. He might not even be in the minority.

  5. Damien, unfortunately there’s not much remaining of the honest left, so while I agree that CJ doesn’t merit their attention either, it doesn’t surprise me when they use him to bludgeon people on the right. It’s like how the left has embraced Andrew Sullivan – the guy was a respectable public intellectual who slid far and fast when he started obsessing over the provenance of Trig Palin. Instead of ridiculing him for his insane antics, many lefty sites added him to their blogrolls. Charles Johnson is starting to get the same treatment, but that’s fine by me as it just further discredits him on the right.

  6. Jenn Q. Public,

    Hot Air actually lists Little Green Footballs as a leftwing site by the way.
    They put it, under Left Channels, as apposed to Right Channels.

  7. Damien, I know you’re not joking. I meant that Ed & Allah are showing their sense of humor by switching LGF to the Left Channels section. It’s a great way of getting in a dig at Charles.

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