Not Wrong Just Evil: Greenpeace, Sex Offenders and Understanding “Environmentalism”

Conservatives are often frustrated by the radical green movement and our inability to bridge the ideological divide between us on issues where we would share common ground. We all want to stop toxic waste dumping, conserve our habitat, and protect ecosystems. On many issues where the green movement and conservatives would naturally align, such as stopping invasive species like pythons in the Everglades or the much dreaded”pig bomb,” conservatives are often shocked to find the green movement working against initiatives to halt the spread of these environmentally dangerous species that in many cases also present a danger to humans.

This is a conceit, however. The environmental and animal rights movements are no more about sustainable living than the Democratic Party is about free markets and a strong national defense. Environmentalism is a cult whose theology is based on anti-humanism. It recruits from the dregs of society by promising the cultists revenge on the society and world they think has wronged them. You need no more evidence of this than PETA’s newest ad which promotes veganism by using images of the aftermath of violent sex. Violent sex that injures women, the ad supposes, is a benefit of men going vegan.

But the PETA ad is just a more flamboyant example of how these people think of the rest of us humans. The sexual dysfunction of whoever wrote this ad is not unique to PETA. Recently it came to light that one of Greenpeace’s newest “heroes” is a tier 3 sex offender who to this day claims his victims–two girls between the ages of 13 and 15–were asking for it. Meet George John Bolenbaugh III aka John Bolenbaugh. Greenpeace has been highlighting this “activist” for his tireless campaign which claims an oil company he worked for (and was fired from?) is killing people. This despite the fact he’s a predatory child molester who had sex with two girls, who were between the ages of 13 and 15, when he was in his late 20s.

How predatory is John Bolenbaugh? In an appeal Bolenbaugh argues his conviction for molesting two girls, aged between 13 and 15, should be thrown out because one had herpes. This, he argued, meant that he, as a man in his late 20s, could not possibly be expected to not molest those girls. It also meant she was damaged goods who could not be seen as credible. The court saw through this disgusting ploy:

Defendant sought to introduce evidence that one of the complainants had herpes, arguing that her active case of herpes was relevant to a possible motive for accusing defendant of criminal sexual conduct.  [*3]  He contended that the evidence was relevant to the complainant’s bias and credibility. We agree with the trial court that the evidence was irrelevant and that, even if relevant, any probative value of the evidence was substantially outweighed by the risks of unfair prejudice.

Nice guy right? Just the kind of person you’d want representing you and your cause–if you were running a depraved cult of nihilistic degenerates. But it gets worse. Bolenbaugh is unrepentant for his crimes and his fellow “greens” are defending not only his activism but his criminality. Bolenbaugh and friends have launched a campaign on YouTube to attack the people exposing this information and here’s a little nugget one of his supporters dropped into the conversation:

@Hellfireblogs This guy is not a predator!!! You are! The guy done his time,leave him alone! I’ve been lied to and found out later she was younger than she claimed. Luckily I did no time and I shouldn’t have. The girl is now a great mother, successful business owner and one of my best friends. No permanent damage! I’m not saying it was right but I surely didn’t deserve prison and this guy has done his time and is registered and it was 12 years ago.Leave him Alone!!!

Full disclosure: I’m the Hellfireblogs he or she is responding to. But did you catch that? This person is saying he too “was fooled” by these evil teen girls seeking to entrap men in their late 20s. Sound like good people fighting for a cause to you?

What’s also interesting is that this particular YouTuber is a 9/11 truther with a channel devoted to anti-American conspiracy theories. He or she seems especially concerned by mythical “Illuminati” and “Satanic” child abuse. Yet, they are not at all concerned by real predation and exploitation of teens. Almost like, you know, a cult.

Bolenbaugh himself is all over YouTube and other sites claiming that I work for this oil company, that he did nothing wrong (even though he had sex with two children), and the that the “real” criminals are this company. He’s fighting the good fight, so to speak.

Of course we all know that’s bunk. Bolenbaugh is using the cover of environmentalism to lash out at the world he’s angry at for treating him in what he thinks is an unfair way. He’s also no doubt linking up with a movement where he will come into contact with young girls, and his videography is especially disturbing considering his history when you see how much time he spends with children and families.

This isn’t a one-off. The PETA ad depicts the violent degradation of women as a part of their lifestyle and worse, depicts women as wanting to be hurt during sex. Greenpeace is using an unrepentant child molester who blames his victims for his crimes as a spokesman for their cause. There is a pattern here that can only be understood by looking at the underlying anti-human theology of these groups.

There is an impulse among conservatives to embrace the idea that these groups are full of people who are not evil, just wrong. We can no longer afford to perpetuate this myth. The radical green movement will not save the environment because that is not what it’s designed to do. It is a movement designed to give people like Bolenbaugh a platform from which to lash out at the rest of us and marginalizing this moral insanity is the only way a sane, rational conservation movement in this country can ever arise.

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  1. Seriously? The best they got is that the girls lied about their age?

    This is not surprising though, Whether its an activist group or a sports team or a family people will go to great lengths and believe any stupid shit to protect one of their own.

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