Race Riots in California School

Again. Word on the street is that it began as gang violence but the Mexican students are targeting any Black student for retaliation so Black kids are attacking Latinos en masse to flex their muscle. The news report doesn’t doesn’t go into this but I hear the few White, Asian and “other” students are between a rock and a hard place and are being victimized by both groups.

From CBSLA.com:

ICTORVILLE (CBSLA.com) — Students at a high school in Victorville said violent fights have been breaking out between African-Americans and Latinos for the past two days.

Rafael Muñoz said a group of people started the fights at Silverado High on Wednesday, which have poured out into the streets.

“One person started fighting, then the other would jump in. And continuously jump in and (it) ended up to be mob fighting. (I) got pepper sprayed by the security,” he said.

Cellphone video caught one brawl, which spilled into 14-year-old Jeremy Buenrostro’s lawn.


Monica Rodriguez, who asked the school for extra security and complained to police, said the riots are a recurring problem.

“The cops are nowhere to be seen. We’ve been calling them. They took forever. 911 placed people on hold. It was ridiculous,” said Rodriguez.

Linda Rodriguez, 60, said she was punched in the face when she tried to break up a fight.

Going to get worse soon.

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  1. Democrat racists, either favoring either side here want these folks to become the majority around 2040. Gee, how much one wants to bet they’ll be worse than the whites?

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