Race Riots in California School

Again. Word on the street is that it began as gang violence but the Mexican students are targeting any Black student for retaliation so Black kids are attacking Latinos en masse to flex their muscle. The news report doesn’t doesn’t go into this but I hear the few White, Asian and “other” students are between a rock and a hard place and are being victimized by both groups.

From CBSLA.com:

ICTORVILLE (CBSLA.com) — Students at a high school in Victorville said violent fights have been breaking out between African-Americans and Latinos for the past two days.

Rafael Muñoz said a group of people started the fights at Silverado High on Wednesday, which have poured out into the streets.

“One person started fighting, then the other would jump in. And continuously jump in and (it) ended up to be mob fighting. (I) got pepper sprayed by the security,” he said.

Cellphone video caught one brawl, which spilled into 14-year-old Jeremy Buenrostro’s lawn.


Monica Rodriguez, who asked the school for extra security and complained to police, said the riots are a recurring problem.

“The cops are nowhere to be seen. We’ve been calling them. They took forever. 911 placed people on hold. It was ridiculous,” said Rodriguez.

Linda Rodriguez, 60, said she was punched in the face when she tried to break up a fight.

Going to get worse soon.

Europe in Chaos – Our future?

Don;t let the talking heads fool you – the European economy is doomed and the austerity measures those governments must take simply to stay afloat is destroying the lifestyles of a pampered, spoiled population that was promised perpetual prosperity without having to work hard. Two video via The Blaze which illustrate the “peaceful” protests. If you think New York and L.A. aren’t going to look like this soon you’re kidding yourself.



You ready for the riots that will occur here when food stamps stop?

Supermarkets in Spain Being Looted by Socialist Thugs

Via Surviving in Argentina here’s some video of the social chaos. Since we have similar debt and currency problems and are about to be hit by one of the worst crop yields in modern history I’m betting this sort of behavior will be seen in some of our major cities where radical leftism holds sway:

This video shows formerly middle class people dumpster diving – the media here hasn’t told you things in Spain are that bad and that this is the reason we see raids on grocery stores:

Of course stealing is counter productive since grocery stores will stop operating if they are just going to be robbed. I say the odds of this happening here are 50/50.

h/t Noisy Room

The Aurora Shooting and the Loss of Personal Responsibility

As someone who posts at Red Alerts on gun rights and laws, it seems appropriate that I would have something to say after the tragic event in Aurora. But I’m not going to get on a soapbox about the 2nd amendment. We as a culture always have the two-sided argument after killing sprees and we will continue to do so. Pro-gun rights people aren’t going to convince the anti-gun crowd of facts.

I did, however, want to address a couple of issues. Unfortunately, ABC came out immediately after the shooting and stated that the shooter was a tea partier.  They had the wrong guy. This turned out to be bogus information that could have been easily researched by a true journalist in a short period of time.

I’m saddened by the quickness with which the media jumped to politicize this horror. One of the underlying issues that struck me is how our culture has so embraced the blame game, not just blaming gun laws or political affiliation but anything that would remove responsibility from the evil individual who perpetrates such a horrific act.

I’m not a lawyer or psychiatrist but I hope that he doesn’t get to use the crazy defense
even though words like whacko, psycho and nutjob are easily applied to James Holmes. This took forethought and planning. That must mean something in the eyes of the
law. And it’s difficult not to get political because I believe this blame culture we’re
engulfed in is directly a result of liberal victimhood programming.

This individual made the choice to murder. The responsibility is his alone. Every time the
media jumps to assume that some outside force caused him to make these choices, it feeds the lie that the individual isn’t in control of his life. Of course many people have hard lives and some repeat the violence they grew up with.

But this message shouldn’t be the norm and there was a time when it wasn’t. We went from being too stiff and never wanting to make allowances to blaming someone or something else for every dark aspect of our lives. We’ve lost the balance between individual responsibility and societal nurturing. I wonder if by making the shooter a victim of
society instead of his own choices that the victims are that much easier to make faceless,
nameless and therefore forgotten.  And that’s just one step closer to making us all the dependent drones the left wants us to be.

The shooter as per usual is getting most of the press by the MSM. But others are
challenging this. Dave Swindle of P.J. Media has a piece up honoring the victims.  Twitchy is keeping up with Twitter including reporting that the mother of one of the victims, Jessica Redfield, wished that her daughter’s name would trend above the

I hope rather than believe that their senseless deaths won’t continue to be made a media
spectacle. My thoughts and prayers go out to those left behind.