Supermarkets in Spain Being Looted by Socialist Thugs

Via Surviving in Argentina here’s some video of the social chaos. Since we have similar debt and currency problems and are about to be hit by one of the worst crop yields in modern history I’m betting this sort of behavior will be seen in some of our major cities where radical leftism holds sway:

This video shows formerly middle class people dumpster diving – the media here hasn’t told you things in Spain are that bad and that this is the reason we see raids on grocery stores:

Of course stealing is counter productive since grocery stores will stop operating if they are just going to be robbed. I say the odds of this happening here are 50/50.

h/t Noisy Room

One thought on “Supermarkets in Spain Being Looted by Socialist Thugs

  1. I read somewhere that there’s a Spanish Communist Mayor who is encouraging his supporters to rob grocery stores in the name of “helping” the poor.

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