Police Brutality and Human Rights Violations of Serbs in Kosovo

More atrocities bought to you by Muslims and their barbarian allies – in this case this includes the Clinton administration – that the media won’t cover. Via Republican Riot who has a must read post on this:

It should be noted the Albanian population is majority Muslim and for years we’ve allowed the Muslims to prey on the defeated communists. People know I’m no fan of commies but this is outrageous.

Supermarkets in Spain Being Looted by Socialist Thugs

Via Surviving in Argentina here’s some video of the social chaos. Since we have similar debt and currency problems and are about to be hit by one of the worst crop yields in modern history I’m betting this sort of behavior will be seen in some of our major cities where radical leftism holds sway:

This video shows formerly middle class people dumpster diving – the media here hasn’t told you things in Spain are that bad and that this is the reason we see raids on grocery stores:

Of course stealing is counter productive since grocery stores will stop operating if they are just going to be robbed. I say the odds of this happening here are 50/50.

h/t Noisy Room

Greek Prisons are Running Out of Food!

Little update via Shenandoah on how bad things really are in Greece despite what people are saying. If you think a collapse of this kind in Greece, (and now Spain) won’t be felt in our banking system you’re dreaming:

At a time when the entire country is being tested by the economic crisis, some people are quite literally on the verge of destitution and hunger. At a time when the empty state coffers can not support any concept of a welfare state, with “frozen” financing towards education and health, the prison system could not be an exception.

The financing for many prisons has decreased to a minimum for some months now, resulting in hundreds of detainees being malnourished and surviving on the charity of local communities.

The latest example is the prison in Corinth where after the supply stoppage from the nearby military camp, the prisoners are at the mercy of God because, as reported by prison staff, not even one grain of rice has been left in their warehouses. When a few days earlier the commander of the camp announced to the prison management the transportation stoppage, citing lack of food supplies even for the soldiers, he shut down the last source of supply for 84 prisoners. The response of some Corinth citizens was immediate as they took it upon themselves to support the prisoners, since all protests to the Justice ministry were fruitless.

Locals are collecting donations to feed them. Anyone think a situation where Europeans can’t get food for their soldiers and prisoners will end well?


Good News! Golden Dawn Threatens Greek “Traitors” While Praising Their “Black Shirts”

Anti-bailout sentiment caused a backlash in Greek elections where communists and the Greek party Golden Dawn were the main beneficiaries. To call Golden Dawn neo-Nazis is a good short hand for their authoritarian stlye but the group are nationalists without the same loyalty to socialist principles Nazis have. They are a Nationalist, authoritarian revivalist movement.At one point in the 80s they were an expressly anti-Christian, neo-Pagan movement but have since embraced the Orthodox church. There are claims that the hierarchy are still Hellenistic Pagans.

Here’s video of their victory speech. Though they aren’t technically Nazis their rhetoric makes it clear that they intend to act in similar ways, unleashing “Black shirts” on the public and pursuing racialist policies. With communists and groups like the Golden Dawn taking over Europe what could go wrong? I mean, did anything bad happen last time that happened? Via The Blaze:

Golden Dawn members fought in volunteer units in the Bosnian War and are being attacked in the media. Since the international and Greek media support the communists but the Golden Dawn has 10% of the voters support (and more among non-voters) the rising tensions there will cause more civil unrest.