Good News! Golden Dawn Threatens Greek “Traitors” While Praising Their “Black Shirts”

Anti-bailout sentiment caused a backlash in Greek elections where communists and the Greek party Golden Dawn were the main beneficiaries. To call Golden Dawn neo-Nazis is a good short hand for their authoritarian stlye but the group are nationalists without the same loyalty to socialist principles Nazis have. They are a Nationalist, authoritarian revivalist movement.At one point in the 80s they were an expressly anti-Christian, neo-Pagan movement but have since embraced the Orthodox church. There are claims that the hierarchy are still Hellenistic Pagans.

Here’s video of their victory speech. Though they aren’t technically Nazis their rhetoric makes it clear that they intend to act in similar ways, unleashing “Black shirts” on the public and pursuing racialist policies. With communists and groups like the Golden Dawn taking over Europe what could go wrong? I mean, did anything bad happen last time that happened? Via The Blaze:

Golden Dawn members fought in volunteer units in the Bosnian War and are being attacked in the media. Since the international and Greek media support the communists but the Golden Dawn has 10% of the voters support (and more among non-voters) the rising tensions there will cause more civil unrest.

One thought on “Good News! Golden Dawn Threatens Greek “Traitors” While Praising Their “Black Shirts”

  1. This is good news. Not necessarily the fascist part, but the part where people are getting sick of unfettered immigration from cultures alien to the indigineous population, who dont respect our mores and rules, sap the welfare system, and on and on.

    Plus, they are obviously not buying into to the NWO with the EU running the show and forcing multi-culturalism down their throats.

    Its about freaking time somebody stood up stop this PC/MC/BS.

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