Robert Spencer on His New Book Did Muhammad Exist?

I have to admit that even with a degree in Comparative Religion and a Masters from a prestigious university I have always taken for granted the existence of a guy named Mohammad who started a death cult called Islam. Robert Spencer has taken the research of various scholars to show that there is no evidence there was a Mohammad. In this video interview with Micheal Coren my mind was actually blown by some of the research he mentions:

I’ve already ordered a copy of Did Mohammad Exist? from Amazon (for my Kindle) and I urge everyone to do the same. The Blaze has more.

2 thoughts on “Robert Spencer on His New Book Did Muhammad Exist?

  1. There are already Leftists whom are running to defend the belief that Mohammad existed, but these are the same hypocrites who won’t say anyone who doesn’t believe that Jesus exist is a “bigot”. Go figure.

  2. Both of the other two mainstream religions have been subject to this scrutiny. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter. There are millions who believe he was a prophet. Whether he was or not is irrelevant to their faith. Gotta say though, Spencer has some balls.

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