Hannity Interview with Occupier Exposes How Vapid Occupy Wall Street is

Interesting interview via The Blaze. Sean Haniity has a interview/argument with some rich, hipster slacker who makes a number of asinine claims. Among them is the bizarre claim that all crimes committed by Occupiers were the work of a NYPD conspiracy. He also admits toward the end that he basically wants the government to give him “free” schooling, housing, transportation, medical and all his other “needs” which wouldn’t cost me or anyone else anything – because it’s free. No really:

It sounds like for all his hatred of capitalism he wants capitalists to keep making money – so they can give it to him. As people have started to figure out, OWS has no actual goal aside from bullying the rest of us into giving them lifetime allowances. In other words it’s a giant extortion racket run by the self-entitled, drug addled hipster douchebags permissive parenting has filled our country with.

3 thoughts on “Hannity Interview with Occupier Exposes How Vapid Occupy Wall Street is

  1. I bet this Occupier reads Alex Jones, he makes up similar stuff like this kind of BS into excusing bad behavior among violent protesters.

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