British Judge Says 11-Year-Old Molestation Victim was Asking for It

I’m paraphrasing of course, but that is the essence of his verdict. From The Sun:

A PAEDOPHILE who groomed a girl of 11 on the internet before abusing her during a school lunch break walked free from court yesterday.

Jon Dixon, 20, admitted sexually assaulting and attempting to rape the youngster.

But a judge refused to jail him because the girl at first pretended to be 20 and sent explicit texts which “would make many twice her age blush.”

The girl’s mum cried and her dad said he was “not happy” as they left Manchester Crown Court.

Dixon pursued the girl even after she said she was 12 and asked her for pornographic pictures. They had met on a chat website in February last year.

He was assessed as “manipulative and predatory” and a “high risk” to children. But Judge Robert Atherton rejected the probation service assessment and said the girl “welcomed” sexual activity.

The British become more vile with every passing day. I say it’s about time we shut our borders to these pedophile-coddling Communists and replace them with Columbia.

Meanwhile the new Mayor of London has asked Bill Bratton to come help him put the house “Red” Ken Livingstone destroyed back in order. I’m thinking Bratton’s first bit of advice will be to start holding judges responsible for outrageous attacks on the fabric of society like this.