“Jewish Lobby” Target of Complaint to D.O.J. by Radical Muslim

Anisa abd el Fattah filled a complaint with the Department of Justice alleging that “the Jewish Lobby” was deliberately undermining America by infringing upon the free speech of Arabs, Muslims, white nationalists ….

Volokh Conspiracy has tore into this story with all four canines, but what caught my eye was a statement by Ms. Fattah’s organization on free speech, which claims that being called an anti-Semite when praising Hitler or calling for Israel to be wiped out constitutes having your free speech rights taken away. She goes on to accuse this shadowy coven of Jews, veritable synagogs of Satan, of secretly running the country and oppressing Whites and Arabs. She sounds just like this guy, Holocaust denier and member of the seditious Institute for Historical Review Mark Weber. And by sounds like I’m sure much of her thesis is stolen from Weber and his kin.

His essay, reposted at Internet/radio Kook Jeff Rinse’s website, is the first hit on Google for the term Jewish Lobby. It’s no wonder bizarre anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are becoming more acceptable, you seem to find them everywhere, and in the most unlikely of places.

The best part of her statement on free speech:

“Certain interpretations of the Jewish faith calls for limiting the Constitutional rights of non-Jews, and the establishment of special rights, laws and protections for Jews, and their special interests. We believe that this behavior is criminal, and unconstitutional and that it must be stopped.”

I wasn’t aware of the Constitutional branch of Judaism, and I have a degree in Religion, but notice that there are insane assumptions of Jewish power presented as truth in this argument. What if there was a branch of Jews who wanted a separate constitution and to deprive all non-Jews of Constitutional protection. How would they differ from say, white nationalists, or Radical Muslims?

Ms. Fattah’s answer would be that “Jews have all the money” and “they secretly control the world”, which they clearly don’t, or despite her opinion to the contrary they’d have shut her and Weber and every other Jew hater up a long time ago. The point is that even if her primary thesis about Jews were true, and understand that her thesis is that Jews are racist, untrustworthy traitors seeking to stifle all debate they don’t like, her complaint relies on the paranoid belief that these racist Jews are uniquely able to get everything they want accomplished, no doubt with the aid of their friends the Illuminati, by subverting the United States.

This is a conspiracy theory, no different then the N.W.O. nonsense peddled by Alex Jones or the Satanic Ritual Abuse stories. Ms. Fattah is attempting to use our court system to lend veracity to one of the oldest, and most tired, anti-Semitic myths. It is shocking to see this sort of ignorance in modern America, more shocking still is this woman carry water for white supremacists groups. Shocking but unfortunately not surprising, not surprising in the least.

Here’s some more wisdom form Ms. Fattah for you to chew on. It’s meaty, no?