President Elect Barack Obama Bashes Nancy Reagan for Alternative Religious Beliefs

In typical classless Chicago fashion Barack Obama took a pot shot at Nancy Reagan for holding seances, something that is her right under the first amendment, during an address to the media. For a man who spent years going to a church full of degenerates whose sole goal was to make the rest of us Black folk look bad it’s hypocritical indeed to take a swipe at another person’s religious views.

Especially when that person is the wife of the man who appointed the first Black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, when that man fought for civil rights and served America with distinction.

Here’s the video:


Alarming News is livid. Hot Air has analysis and even Ben Smith of Politico has made note of Obama’s snide Christianism and lack of knowledge of history. It was Mary Todd Lincoln who held séances in the White House, Nancy Reagan consulted an astrologer.

28 thoughts on “President Elect Barack Obama Bashes Nancy Reagan for Alternative Religious Beliefs

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  2. Alternative Religious views….nice try.???

    Love to hear what you woudl say if Obama was really a muslim. Or if he wanted to pray 5 times a day to Mecca in the white house. You would most likely have a stroke. It is small minds such as yours who will forever damn this country from reaching their full potential..

  3. Clint-I’m a pagan so yeah, seances are, to me an alternative religious view. And If Obama was a Muslim I’d be concerned since the Koran calls explicitly for my death, and the death of all other pagans. Also since Mecca and the Kabba were a pagan shrine stolen by the followers of the howling sand god I have a inborn animosity toward Islam. I’m not a big fan of the office of the Inquisition either.

    Are you saying though that people don’t have a right to hold seances sans ridicule from government officials? Are you saying Islam should be more respected than Spiritualism, Theosophy and neo-paganism?

  4. I think Obama is NOT a Christian in the true sense, he’s more of a catholic and thus pagan himself. Ignorant and stupid people elected him, birds of a feather…

    He cheated the system and is unqualified for the office.

    Put your money in your mattress…


  5. Catholics aren’t pagans. That is in fact the Islamic view of Catholic/Orthodox churches and it comes of no less bigoted from you than from Osam bin Ladin.

  6. I thought it was a funny comment. Lighten up caucasians, your paranoia is getting old.

  7. I’m not a Caucasian. You are which is why your joke was racist.. Racist jokes offend me personal (since I’m half Black) especially when they come from some douche who thinks because he’s voted for Obama he gets a free pass to indulge in his bigotry.

  8. One thing you can trust is that self-righteous Republicans have no sense of humor when the jokes on them. Smear, make guilt by association attacks, etc. on Obama (All of which Snopes and other web fact checkers say are utterly FALSE.) and Obama makes one comment that is funny and perhaps mildly offensive and you hypocrites have a hissy fit. Then one of you makes an absolutely absurd statement about all those “ignorant” and “stupid” people who elected him. It was a landslide, Clyde (Fin). You’re just like the ridiculous person who says I’m the only sane one in the room when, of course, you’re the only one who thinks so. Why don’t you at least have the class of John McCain, who found his old self and made a gracious speech to congratulate Barack? Your lack of education and class is showing, Fin, old boy.

  9. Obama has shown himself to have class – truth.
    Obama called Nancy Reagan to apologize – truth.
    It was a careless remark and not a BASH – truth.

    Why are you trying to make this into something hateful and devisive?
    Are you picking up where Sarah Palin left off?

  10. Susan-So if I referenced Jesus as “the faggot Christ” as some Pagans used to do it wouldn’t be considered a “bash” of your religion? If I joked about the past when we used to throw Priests of boats into the ocean because they were bad luck it’d be a hissy fit for you to correct me?

    This joke was classless and the fact that he had to apologize for it proves that. If he’s able to say he was wrong why aren’t you?

    Greg-It’s doubtful Fin is a Republican, since none I’ve met have ever called catholics Pagans.

  11. What crass derision of harmless individual spiritual beliefs. I also find it a bit tasteless that he called Mrs. Reagan to apologize – he might have felt it was an advisable political move, but why would he think the former first lady would need or want his apologies, especially while recovering from a fractured pelvis?

    I certainly hope President-elect Obama takes more care with his words when meeting with foreign leaders. There will be plenty of times when he won’t have a speech writers and a teleprompter to guide him.

  12. Nancy Reagan was married to “the man who appointed the first Black Secretary of State”? George Bush is a bigamist! Wow you are an idiot!

  13. John are you retarded. Reagan appointed Colin Powell to the joint chiefs and he was National Security adviser. He was the only Black guy to serve on the joint chiefs by the way.

    Does that make mocking people’s religious beliefs O.K.?

  14. What? excuse me, but was Obama not exercising freedom of speech? Is that not covered under the constitution? I think it is funny he called her out. LOL way to go Obama!!!!

    Just for the record, I’ve got nothing but respect for former president Ronald Reagan. Nancy, is and always will be a few bricks short of a load.

  15. Because she believes differently from you? How enlightened. Do you think it’s funny that the first lady he was thinking of was Mary Todd Lincoln, not Nancy Reagan?

    Would it be funny if next he made some jokes about Jews? What about Muslims?

    Within the next two weeks you’re surely going to be howling in outrage about how discourse isn’t civil, but you have no idea how to be respectful of other people.

  16. First of all, holding seances has nothing to do with Nancy Reagan’s religious views, she didn’t even hold seances, she simply read her horoscope like a lot of people do. She said herself, that it was her way of coping with the assasination attempt on her husband. Second of all, she wasn’t a pagan, and if she were, there would be nothing wrong with that. Just like there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim, Catholic, Jew, Christian, etc.
    Barack Obama made a joke, it was funny, and Nancy Reagan wasn’t offended by it. Lighten up you assholes!

  17. I didn’t say she was a pagan and I pointed out that it was Mary Todd Lincoln who held the seances. Did you read this post at all?

    My point is that the head of our Republic shouldn’t be derisive of any religious beliefs. Spiritualism (from which seances spring) is not only a legitimate religion but an important part of American history.

    If Bush made an joke about Judaism, Islam or some other religion you’d have an coronary. Now that Obama is going to be President I suppose the government tacitly implying some religions are better than others is alright with you?

  18. Look, Dude. I don’t even know what religion has to do with it. I think you are grasping at anything to be pissed off at Barack Obama for. And as for President Bush, it’s his actions that nearly give me a coronary. His words just make me think that he’s stupid.

  19. And another thing.
    If Barack Obama suddenly came out and said “Yeah, I’ll be holding seances in the Oval Office to see how the dead presidents think I should fix this mess that the Bush administration has us in.” How would you react to that?

  20. I wouldn’t care if Obama held seances, as long as his views on the subject weren’t something he hid. I myself have been known to consult the Tarot. I respect other people’s religious beliefs and expect them to respect mine.

    The president has no business critiquing religion because it is a tacit endorsement of religion by the head of state. You lefties cried like babies every time Bush trotted out Jesus but when Obama implies that there’s something wrong with holding seances you’re suddenly unconcerned about the establishment clause.

    You’re a hypocrite.

    As an aside, where’s your degree from? Bush got a B.A. from Yale and an MBA from Harvard. You think he’s stupid so you must have much more impressive credentials.

  21. Obama and the Dems cheated. The President-elect is unqualified. Why is this so difficult?

    There are so many things wrong with this election, the candidates, everything.

    Over half the voters are simple-minded sheep. You should have elected Brittany!


  22. I think it’s interesting that all of sudden you’re all concerned about religious persecution while for 7 years our current president has had our troops murdering innocent Muslim people overseas. What happened to those children in Syria 2 weeks ago turns my stomach, and now you’re concerned about the poor Pagans’ feelings. Trust me, the Pagans don’t have a problem w/ an innocent joke while our Mother Earth is being destroyed by greedy oil CEOs and people who can’t give up their guns or their damn SUVs. Now if Obama lies to congress, the American people, and the rest of the world in order to start a war against the Pagans, then I’ll stand corrected and I’ll join your fight. Until then, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.
    And I’d like to know just how Obama managed to cheat. Did the cheif executive of Diebold promise in a letter to help Ohio deliver its electoral votes to him? Oh, no wait, that was President Bush in the last election.
    The bottom line is, that well over half of American voters such as myself are tired of being lied to, tired of being stolen from and tired of being despised by most other countries of the world. We sent a message that things are going to have to be different and our voices were heard.
    Finally, I live in country that I’m proud of.

  23. That’s completely asinine. Iraq isn’t “The Muslims” moron, it was in fact a Baathist country (Baathism is a form of National Socialism) and you may recall that innocent Muslims, in all real Muslim countries, execute “pagans” and people accused of Witchcraft as a matter of course. The last execution for Witchcraft in Saudi Arabia for example was just few months ago. Why aren’t you crying about that?

    The Kaba in Mecca was stolen from Pagans who were massacred by Muslims. Where’s your outrage there?

    Hindus are being murdered by Muslims, Buddhists are being murdered by Muslims and Christian churches are being burned in Africa by the party run by your man Obama’s cousin. No outrage though huh?

    Muslims are always innocent even though history proves that Islam has always aggressively expanded into other countries due to an imperialist impulse inherent in the religion. If you read more than DailyKos you’d know that.

    I’m a pagan and own a gun. You’re confusing pagans with hippies. Some hippies claim to be pagans (but most are Wiccans if they are) but all pagans aren’t Wiccans and all don’t believe in Mother Earth (a Native American concept stolen by shiftless White posers) as we have our own tried and true gods.

    What I find interesting is that you’re some rich cretin sitting at a computer pretending things are being stolen from you when in fact you and your feckless hipster douchebaggery literally steals from people every day. Just as it stole your ability to think for yourself.

    Diebold? Really? That’s retarded. Where was Diebold in this election?

    If you were a man (I think you implied you were male, I might be thinking of someone else) you wouldn’t care what other people thought about you, much less what some nebulous international (European) community thinks of your country. Needed the validation of Europeans even though under Bush we gave more money to Africa in aid than ever before and much more than the degenerate Europeans did is like asking Alec Baldwin to approve of your parenting.

    By the way, I’ve known Iraqis prior to the war, refugees who escaped a Nazi-esque regime. They all asked why Americans and the Europeans sat back and let Saddam torture, rape and pillage his way through innocent people, commit genocide against the marsh Arabs and Kurds when we stopped Milosevic from doing the same.

    I used to say it was because the Bosnians were White and people like you wouldn’t be bothered to save non-Europeans from genocide. Now I’ll pass along your letter and show them it has something to do with Diebold, me owning a gun and you wanting Europeans to love you since few other people can stand to.

    And stop putting my post in as your URL, idiot.

  24. I originally wanted Hillary to win, butthen BO shows up and wham!
    Unknown, unqualified and absolutely no reason to be considered in the first place. The lemmings then began following the pied piper right off the cliff.
    So now ALL the lemmings are falling to their death and don’t even know it till they go splat.
    You have about 70 days to pull the cord and open a parachute.
    Get the stupid media to follow up on the fraud, the connections and … Who am I kidding?
    Good luck folks, you just took the red pill.


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