Surprise! Dead Neo-Nazi JT Ready was Part of Occupy Phoenix

Makes sense. The Occupy movement is full of socialist anti-Semites who hate America and recently dead JT Ready was a national socialist which is a socialist anti-Semite who hates America so they’re simpatico. The media is trying to claim he was a Tea Partier but here’s video proof that Ready was an Occupy supporter. The fat guy first interviewed is JT Ready:

North Carolina Democrat Bivins Hollar Presents Ethnic Cleansing Plan for South Africa

He also tries to sell you the idea the idea that weed can save the planet by holding up a print out of a screed on the anti-semitic, conspiracy nut site. Rense is so crazy and bigoted even Alex Jones won’t take him seriously. Rense is apparently telling people eating marijuana as a vegetable is good for them which explains a lot.

But the crux of this video, put out by a candidate for the North Carolina state senate running on the Democrat ticket, is that the “savages” in South Africa would be herded at gun point into the desert where they’ll starve. For some reason this seems to him to be an awesome idea that will profit North Carolina as he keeps saying “we” will conquer this or that which I assume means North Carolina is planning an invasion of South Africa if he gets elected.

His Facebook wall is full of links to anti-semitic nonsense including a celebration of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. He’s also a Harry Potter fan which makes me think he might be a pedophile.

NC Democrats are also running a former Klansman in the state senate race. I assume the national media will be all over this story.

h/t Brietbart

Melissa Harris-Perry Believes in Organ Harvesting Blood Libel

Too be fair she doesn’t specifically claim the Jooooos are harvesting Black people’s organs but she comes damn close. In a discussion on lack of organ donations among African-Americans and how that has consequences for African-American patients, Harris-Perry tells a host subbing for known anti-Semite Al Sharpton that fears of Black folk being given sub-par treatment to hasten their demise in an attempt to steal their organs (for other Black folk?) are justified.

Harris-Perry is a talking head on MSNBC these days, as is Sharpton. MSNBC does not care that both spread historic anti-Semitic blood libels in public. Somewhat related is the current announcement by The Nation of Islam that Glenn Beck is an agent of the “Synagogue of Satan” which is calling for Louis Farrakhan to be assassinated. They are threatening violence.

It’s odd. It almost seems as if the left is using radical racists to mainstream the hatred of Jews. I wonder why they would be doing that now?