Melissa Harris-Perry Believes in Organ Harvesting Blood Libel

Too be fair she doesn’t specifically claim the Jooooos are harvesting Black people’s organs but she comes damn close. In a discussion on lack of organ donations among African-Americans and how that has consequences for African-American patients, Harris-Perry tells a host subbing for known anti-Semite Al Sharpton that fears of Black folk being given sub-par treatment to hasten their demise in an attempt to steal their organs (for other Black folk?) are justified.

Harris-Perry is a talking head on MSNBC these days, as is Sharpton. MSNBC does not care that both spread historic anti-Semitic blood libels in public. Somewhat related is the current announcement by The Nation of Islam that Glenn Beck is an agent of the “Synagogue of Satan” which is calling for Louis Farrakhan to be assassinated. They are threatening violence.

It’s odd. It almost seems as if the left is using radical racists to mainstream the hatred of Jews. I wonder why they would be doing that now?