Milwaukee Cops Stealing Citizens Guns?

On January 30th a Wisconsin man named Nazir al-Mujaahid was shopping at an Aldis when two assailants armed with a sawed off shotgun began threatening a cashier and other patrons. Mujaahid, who had gotten his concealed carry permit a few weeks prior, opened fire on the man saving the innocent people at the store from these maniacs. As is procedure Mujaahid’s gun and holster were confiscated until an investigation was complete. The law requires them to then return the weapon to Mujaahid

Mujaahid was cleared of any wrong doing, yet police have not and seemingly will not return Nazir al-Mujaahid’s weapon:

A gun rights advocacy group has taken Milwaukee police to task for refusing to give back a gun used in an Aldi grocery store shooting that was ruled justifiable and legal.

Police say the gun is still evidence in the case.

Nazir Al-Mujaahid shot and injured a suspected robber who was threatening a cashier and waving a sawed-off rifle at other patrons on Jan. 30. Al-Mujaahid had gotten a concealed-carry permit a couple of weeks earlier. The suspect fled, was later arrested and charged in the Aldi robbery and two other armed holdups.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm cleared Al-Mujaahid, 35, of any criminal wrongdoing, but police still have his gun and holster, according to Nik Clark, president of Wisconsin Carry Inc., a gun rights advocacy group.

“WCI believes that these acts by the Milwaukee Police Department represent violations to law-abiding citizens’ constitutionally guaranteed right to be free from illegal seizures of their private property and their constitutionally recognized right to keep and bear arms,” Clark said in a news release Tuesday.

The department “appears to have a practice of concocting baseless reasons to seize any and all guns they come across in the city – even when those guns have never been used in connection with a crime,” the release states.

Police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said Tuesday that Al-Mujaahid’s weapon is still considered evidence in the pending case against the two men charged in the armed robbery.

Schwartz’s explanation seems strange. Why would the gun used by a citizen to stop and armed robbery be used as evidence against the pair?

Al-Mujaahid apparently once loaned a gun to a friend who then lent the gun to a relative who was a felon, but Mujaahid was cleared in that case of any wrong doing. It seems likely though that police are making up reasons to deny this man his rights before he has broken any laws.

This reminds me of the gun confiscations by New Orleans police during Katrina. Word on the street on that affair was that police didn’t want to return guns (and other confiscated property) because they sold them already. But NOPD is notoriously corrupt, I haven’t heard the same thing about cops in Milwaukee.

According to activists in the area the cops and the left leaning officials have been involved in active campaigns to harass and intimidate gun owners and Black gun owners are particularly vulnerable. It seems like this case is part of an overall pattern of targeting law abiding citizens who stand up for freedom and self-reliance – especially if they’re Black.

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A.G. Eric Holder Protecting MS-13 Members Who Murdered Maryland Man

This is just outrageous. It goes beyond the hug-a-thug justice we expect from liberals and can only have sinister motives. MS-13 is one of the most violent and dangerous criminal gangs in the world and they are known to participate in racially motivated attacks on Black Americans and hate crimes again White Americans.

Holder doesn’t think this is something to be concerned with. From JudicalWatch:

Three illegal immigrant gang members who faced the death penalty for murdering a Maryland man last summer have been spared by the nation’s chief law enforcement officer who has ordered prosecutors not to seek the maximum punishment.

Attorney General Eric Holder intervened on behalf of the El Salvadoran gangbangers by directing federal prosecutors handling their conspiracy and murder case to rule out the death penalty, according to a Virginia-based news web site that broke the story this week. The three illegal immigrants are members of a notoriously violent street gang called Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) that has spread throughout the country like the plague.

Last summer they robbed and murdered a man in Virginia as part of a conspiracy to extort money from his prostitution business. A few months later the illegal alien gang members were indicted with federal racketeering and murder. Federal prosecutors indicated that they would seek the death penalty and a court-appointed attorney for one of the defendants was dismissed because he lacked the proper certification for trying a death penalty case.

Just a few weeks ago, defense attorneys prepared jury questionnaires that alluded to the death penalty and eliminated jurors who might discriminate against Latinos. But as the May trial approaches, Holder stepped in and ruled out the death penalty. He refuses to explain the last-minute order claiming that that the attorney general’s decision-making process and final decision involving the death penalty is confidential.

Court documents cited in the news report say that Holder “authorized and directed” the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, Neal McBride, “not to seek the death penalty” against the illegal immigrants. McBride subsequently filed a corresponding court document (Government’s Notice of Intent Not to Seek the Death Penalty) making it official.

What could possibly motivate this interference in the case? This is disgusting and will only signal to MS-13 that we are going to go easy on them which will not be good for the Americans who Holder is supposed to be protecting. So why is he doing it?

h/t Free Republic

Tom Metzger Owes Me $1,000

A  post I wrote about how outrageous it was that scumbag, traitor Tom Metzger wasn’t set on fire in an A.T.F. raid the way the Feds did to those poor hippies in Waco has Tom and his groupies heading for the swooning couch and demanding that I stop hurling well-deserved insults at this anti-American cretin who is morally, and in one case legally, responsible for murders, rapes, and all the other assorted mayhem the pedophiles, rapists, and wife beaters who make up the White Supremacist movemen commit on a daily basis.

At some point this morning Tom Metzger left me this gem:

Tom Metzger said,

on April 5th, 2010 at 10:53 am

I have been called a lot of things but never pervert or pedophilel.If these great white hope has any proof of that ,i have one thousand in cash to see it. TT

Perhaps Tom has forgotten his many appearances on Hot Seat, the Wally George Show, which is the spiritual progenitor of Red Alerts. In the ten years conservative firebrand George had Metzger on his show he was called many things, including such delightful terms as “putrid idiot” and “racist pig.”

And of course Wally called him pervert many times. Wally referred to all neo-Nazis as racist perverts which would of course include Metzger. Unfortunately it’s hard to find the full works of this magnificent bastard but here’s a YouTube video of one of their encounters where George does indeed use the racist pervert epithet, as well as putrid idiot, racist pig, and accuse Metzger of getting off easy on what should have been a murder rap.

As you will see, Metzger loves being abused by conservatives, explaining why this was one of dozens of appearances on the Wally George show the racist pervert made. I think little Tommy is missing his metaphorical spankings and has correctly deduced that Red Alerts has always been in part an ode to Wally George conservatism, and like a latently homosexual moth to a leather clad biker with a flame motif on his vest, Metzger is flitting around Red Alerts hoping beyond hope to get a little more of the treatment he misses.

Part I:

Part II:

Like I said it’s too bad the Wally George show isn’t available on DVD, though you can read more about him in his own words. But what’s important here is that Tom and leather boys are just horrified that I call them perverts and pedophiles, something they claim has just never been done, but in fact it has happened frequently. Now I personally don’t need Metzger’s $1,000, and like all degenerates he’d welch anyway because he has no character, but just for the record, Tom Metzger has been publicly called pervert, pedophile, and worse for decades.

Here’s an exit question for Tom and company: if they aren’t a bunch of perverts and pedophiles, why do I know of at least three neo-Nazis who are in contact with teen girls (or what they think are teen girls) on the Internet right now?

Rachel Maddow Inspired Communist Phones Death Threat into Freedomworks Office

Tabitha Hale posted this death threat phoned in by some deranged hausfrau who claims the left is organizing, arming and ready to “fight you to the death,” referring of course to we people who don’t want to pay high taxes for entitlements aimed at lazy, shiftless White liberals. Of course, it’s we on the right that are dangerous.

Listen here.

My response to the left. We can do this: