A.G. Eric Holder Protecting MS-13 Members Who Murdered Maryland Man

This is just outrageous. It goes beyond the hug-a-thug justice we expect from liberals and can only have sinister motives. MS-13 is one of the most violent and dangerous criminal gangs in the world and they are known to participate in racially motivated attacks on Black Americans and hate crimes again White Americans.

Holder doesn’t think this is something to be concerned with. From JudicalWatch:

Three illegal immigrant gang members who faced the death penalty for murdering a Maryland man last summer have been spared by the nation’s chief law enforcement officer who has ordered prosecutors not to seek the maximum punishment.

Attorney General Eric Holder intervened on behalf of the El Salvadoran gangbangers by directing federal prosecutors handling their conspiracy and murder case to rule out the death penalty, according to a Virginia-based news web site that broke the story this week. The three illegal immigrants are members of a notoriously violent street gang called Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) that has spread throughout the country like the plague.

Last summer they robbed and murdered a man in Virginia as part of a conspiracy to extort money from his prostitution business. A few months later the illegal alien gang members were indicted with federal racketeering and murder. Federal prosecutors indicated that they would seek the death penalty and a court-appointed attorney for one of the defendants was dismissed because he lacked the proper certification for trying a death penalty case.

Just a few weeks ago, defense attorneys prepared jury questionnaires that alluded to the death penalty and eliminated jurors who might discriminate against Latinos. But as the May trial approaches, Holder stepped in and ruled out the death penalty. He refuses to explain the last-minute order claiming that that the attorney general’s decision-making process and final decision involving the death penalty is confidential.

Court documents cited in the news report say that Holder “authorized and directed” the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, Neal McBride, “not to seek the death penalty” against the illegal immigrants. McBride subsequently filed a corresponding court document (Government’s Notice of Intent Not to Seek the Death Penalty) making it official.

What could possibly motivate this interference in the case? This is disgusting and will only signal to MS-13 that we are going to go easy on them which will not be good for the Americans who Holder is supposed to be protecting. So why is he doing it?

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4 thoughts on “A.G. Eric Holder Protecting MS-13 Members Who Murdered Maryland Man

  1. Rob Taylor,

    I wonder why Eric Holder is protecting these scum bags. I wonder what he thinks he or the country will be getting out of it. Seriously, these guys are not only violent thugs, but they’re in cahoots with Al Qaeda, because the terrorists are paying them huge sums of money to smuggle their operatives across the border. MS 13 is not a group that the authorities should be nice to all.

  2. You shouldn’t be surprised that a leftist is against the death penalty. That’s par for the course, especially since they are so concerned with what the outside world thinks of our death penalty laws, and this is more or less an international case.

  3. PatrickKelley,

    Being agianst the death penalty and interfering with a court of law are different things.

  4. If they are being tried in a federal court, he has the right to tell them to take the death penalty off the table, technically speaking. Not saying he is right to do so, just that he can. If it is a state court, and he tried to pull that, they could tell him to sit on it and spin.

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