Tom Metzger Owes Me $1,000

A  post I wrote about how outrageous it was that scumbag, traitor Tom Metzger wasn’t set on fire in an A.T.F. raid the way the Feds did to those poor hippies in Waco has Tom and his groupies heading for the swooning couch and demanding that I stop hurling well-deserved insults at this anti-American cretin who is morally, and in one case legally, responsible for murders, rapes, and all the other assorted mayhem the pedophiles, rapists, and wife beaters who make up the White Supremacist movemen commit on a daily basis.

At some point this morning Tom Metzger left me this gem:

Tom Metzger said,

on April 5th, 2010 at 10:53 am

I have been called a lot of things but never pervert or pedophilel.If these great white hope has any proof of that ,i have one thousand in cash to see it. TT

Perhaps Tom has forgotten his many appearances on Hot Seat, the Wally George Show, which is the spiritual progenitor of Red Alerts. In the ten years conservative firebrand George had Metzger on his show he was called many things, including such delightful terms as “putrid idiot” and “racist pig.”

And of course Wally called him pervert many times. Wally referred to all neo-Nazis as racist perverts which would of course include Metzger. Unfortunately it’s hard to find the full works of this magnificent bastard but here’s a YouTube video of one of their encounters where George does indeed use the racist pervert epithet, as well as putrid idiot, racist pig, and accuse Metzger of getting off easy on what should have been a murder rap.

As you will see, Metzger loves being abused by conservatives, explaining why this was one of dozens of appearances on the Wally George show the racist pervert made. I think little Tommy is missing his metaphorical spankings and has correctly deduced that Red Alerts has always been in part an ode to Wally George conservatism, and like a latently homosexual moth to a leather clad biker with a flame motif on his vest, Metzger is flitting around Red Alerts hoping beyond hope to get a little more of the treatment he misses.

Part I:

Part II:

Like I said it’s too bad the Wally George show isn’t available on DVD, though you can read more about him in his own words. But what’s important here is that Tom and leather boys are just horrified that I call them perverts and pedophiles, something they claim has just never been done, but in fact it has happened frequently. Now I personally don’t need Metzger’s $1,000, and like all degenerates he’d welch anyway because he has no character, but just for the record, Tom Metzger has been publicly called pervert, pedophile, and worse for decades.

Here’s an exit question for Tom and company: if they aren’t a bunch of perverts and pedophiles, why do I know of at least three neo-Nazis who are in contact with teen girls (or what they think are teen girls) on the Internet right now?

10 thoughts on “Tom Metzger Owes Me $1,000

  1. Boy is this kid screwed up. Wally was a showman. On camera we went after each other. Off camera he was very friendly. I used to hold his baby and talk about our families after the shows.. If this jerkoff dont understand the Wally show I will bet he thinks wrestling is not fake. I was serious but I liked Wally.
    I am glad to be attacked by the right. I left it 20 years ago. Our racist roots are left revolutionary as opposed to the JEW LEFT AND JEW RIGHT. To my friends that check into this blog. Dont waste your time with this silly boy.

  2. What a heart warming story. The fact remains that Wally George made a living calling you a pervert (and you let him) which is something you claimed was just too much

    I will re-state, you said you’d lay $1000 on anyone who could show that you were publicly called a pervert, I showed that the man you were secretly in love with (as your comment proves) did so numerous time and frankly I don’t remember you ever denying it.

    You want to take double or nothing on how many of your friends are months away from a Internet sting?

  3. Name calling is protected by the First Amendment. You know, like when you hurl around racist slurs.

    Or are you suggesting that no one who visits your site on a regular basis is also cruising the web for teens? I suppose you’ll find out about that in time.

  4. I’d like to hear what part of being disgusted by a degenerate and pointing out that said degenerate can’t sue me for it is insane.

  5. Rob, your “proof” would have been much more damning if you had found some old arrest record or old internet post where Mr. Metzger had done or said something perverted, or if you found the testimonial of a third party alluding to a sex crime. But you couldn’t do that, as NO SUCH THING EXISTS. Instead, you chose to ignore the true substance of his dispute with you and delved into the semantics of his phrasing, officially turning this into “shit no one cares about”.

    Mr. Metzger is no pervert and you know it. Admit that and gain a little bit of my respect back.

  6. A) I want the “respect’ of a racist douchebag?

    B) Tom’s over sensitive for a reason. But his challenge was to prove that he has been called a pervert before, which he has, and I reserve the First Amendment right to hurl vile names at a man who did indeed go to jail for having people murdered.

    C) If no one cares about this why are you still crying?

    D) Are you scared about the pervert thing for some reason?

  7. A) Then it’s agreed. I don’t respect lunatics, either.
    B) No it wasn’t. And Tom has never gone “to jail for having people murdered”. In his life he’s done 45 days for unlawful assembly, and 5 days in jail in Canada for giving a speech. Source on your claim, please.
    C) Okay, so there’s no one but me who cares. Does that bode well? When the majority of articles on your website have no comments? And “crying”? I’ve been keeping my responses very civil.
    D) I’m starting to be convinced that I’m wasting my time arguing with you.

  8. He wasn’t arrested and tried for sending out Skinheads to murder people? Oh. I get it, you’re retarded.

    Why would you want to be civil with me anyway since I’m not White? Concern trolling is asinine, but it’s worse when coming from some pillow biting Nazi who joined up in prison for protection.

    Sorry I don’t have enough comments for you by the way. I guess I’ll cry myself to sleep now since clearly I run websites specifically to interact with people and not to sell Light Reliefs, which by the way are on sale and really work.

    Go to hell, pervert.

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