A.T.F. Uses Kid Gloves on Tom Metzger!

When the A.T.F. wanted to raid the branch Davidians (who were a multi-ethnic group of armed hippies who hadn’t bothered anyone) they went in hard and initiated a firefight that lead to the deaths of dozens of children. Now they raid the house of a racist pervert who’s been calling for the overthrow of the Republic for 30 years and they apparently let him go about his business while they gently unfolded his unmentionables. This is crap!

Any of you right wingers out there think you’ll be treated this good when the Obamumnist storm troopers kick in your door?

11 thoughts on “A.T.F. Uses Kid Gloves on Tom Metzger!

  1. I assume your from the bankrupt right wing.Thanks for the PR. Actually the ATF and I sat around and had a few beers that day. The right wing. THE BOWELL MOVEMENT

  2. I’ve never heard of Metzger being accused of pedophilia, that’s just a ridiculous and false accusation. It would be like me saying Rob Taylor does donkey shows every third weekend of the month, which is equally ridiculous and a lie.

    Stop the hate! Segregate!

  3. I agree with “Uncle Tom”, the owner of this stupid blog is a right-winger probably a “McCain-Palin” supporter and “Israel-Firster”. The way this retard (op) is making assumptions, seems to me—is in hopes of trying somehow to turn the attention away from [Mr.Metzger] in his current re-run for election by typical character assassination. I am not buying his jive-ass propaganda, and can spot it smile away. Actually, I have a question for [Rob Taylor]!!! So, [Mr.Taylor], you are clearly a right-winger as Metzger is registered as a Democrat as I consider myself among many affiliates but “Southern-Democrat” for one; you wouldn’t be supporting or sponsoring Metzgers’ right-wing, republicrat, Zionist, race-traiting, Bible-thumping,oligarch, Israel-first, corporate-globalist, immigrant-supporting/invading, White hating, etc; running-mate, are you??? Your, typical character assassination attempts, and are prime course of politics under Salinsky’s “Communist Rules for Radicals 101” today instead of focusing on the issues, which leads me too believe since Metzger is seeking office–you are doing propaganda work for the Republican party and their candidate against Metzger!!! Simply by your disrespect towards Tommy, if I were living in Indiana, I would give my vote because you are such child and have growing-up to do, jsut to shaft you and the Republicrat wannabes. Your kind of bullshit [Mr.Taylor] only happens when a White person(s) seek power or get a prominent stranglehold on society (i.e. followers, attention, listeners, well respected message and dialogue), etc. Your petty attempts to play the emotions cards is very Kosher and Niggerly in nature, and lucky for Tommy I have none, and think you’re just a bigot who are the real ones trying to destroy the White-race and any advancement we make against the system, not Tommy!!!
    @ [Mr.Taylor]

    The “Dravidians” were multi-ethnic??? Oh, really??? any evidence of the racial make-up, because I seen the videos and interviews of the surviving followers and their families, and they were all White as my bear ass??? David Koresh was a vile Jew, but his Sheep were all White-Gentile, but then again what do you expect from Semitic-Cults within “Jew-Think” Christianity!!! I think your idiot self is thinking of the other vile Jew [Jim Jones] of the “People’s Temple” in Jonestown,Guyana who were the race-mixers and mutli-racial cult. The entire right-wing movement is full of informers with blood on their hands such as Glenn Miller, Hal Turner, Jeff Schoep, etc,etc,etc; who coincidentally all associate/work together meanwhile all the real patriots who are not informants and didn’t submit are behind bars or worse dead (i.e. Hale, White, Walker, Ainsworth, Vicky Weaver, Rockwell, Scutari, Lane, Mathews, Kahl) etc,etc. [Mr.Rob Taylor] appears to me, too be doing damage control for the system and his (ADL/SPLC/B’nai B’rith/WJC) masters!!! Obviously, “Uncle Tom” touched the wrong vein with a needle, to suffer the wrath of a right-winger on his blog!!![LMWAO]

    Tom Metzger is a “Child-Mo” and “Pervert”??? I guess if being a “pervert” means you love sex; love White women and their naked bodies amongst nature like Adam and Eve; love seeing White men and women together making love and creating life; love hedonism and physical/emotional passion of human emotions between (hetero) lovers, and or just outright love going to bars and clubs to see gorgeous working-class mother’s stripping or watching Whites together in a porn-vid making love, etc; makes you somehow of a deviant ad undersirable , then fine where is the fucking (FEMA) Gulags??? Who gives a fuck!!! I have more things to worry about than if Metzger is a pervert, because I am one myself as well as every other person in this world at some point!!! Metzger has never done the vile shit you right-wingers have done such as raping-children, latent Fagotry, wife-beating, deadbeat-fathering, race-mixing(i.e. adultery), rampant affairs, etc. If you CHristian fucks had your way, our race would’ve been dead a long time ago, or not one at all, because Adam would’ve been evil sticking his Bratwurst into Eve’s Buns. “Governor Mark Sanford” is another case of thousands of Republican-Masonic/Ziono filth involving affairs, degradation of women, race-mixing, home-wrecking, dead-beat father,etc. The right is worse almost if not more a lot of the times than the left who are openly vile and proud of it!!!
    What [Mr.Metzger] does with his own time is none of my fucking business, as long as it doesn’t violate outside our race (i.e. Adultery) or the family (i.e. Queerdom) which is “Genocide” in it’s truest of terms!!!
    Tommy seems to be a White working-class man— not a stuck-up, egotistical, criminal, pathetic, greedy, selfish, thieving, two-faced, lying, trolling, etc; rich upper-class elitist piece of trash Mongrel who acts holier than thou to the public but behind closed doors like Bush with David Koresh raping White women and kids while he forces out the White men/husbands/fathers, and sells them via human-traffickers to Israel and the Jews for ritual killing and sex-slaves!!!

    As for Tom Metzger liking “kiddies”, do you [Mr.Taylor] have any proof of this??? If you don’t Tom Metzger can sue your ass for defamation of character; slander; spreading false intuitions with malicious intent to cause serious harm mentally, socially, or physically,etc!!! I don’t tolerate that “Child-mo” shit, but you should be the last to talk shit down to Metzger. Schoep(Jew)? Schneider(Jew)?Simmons(Jew)? Collins(Jew)? Kevin Strom?

    As much as the left ,which is why you both are my mortal enemies!!!

    Many more as well and all right-wingers. So save your bloody hypocrisy!!!.

    It’s clear too me, [Mr.Rob] is a “Jew-Thinker”, either Identity, Jew, Muslim, or Zionist-Evangelical!!! Red Alerts??? [LMAO] you sir have been playing too much video-games!!! If you are going to bash [Mr.Metzger] as a Communist, etc, then I guess he’s a Commie-Pinko, because your jive-ass rhetoric doesn’t work on me as I am not a “Reactionary” sheep like your masses!!! Tom Metzger, is the only person in our “Struggle” who I would die for let alone give my shirt off my back for. [sarc] I don’t really give a shit if Tommy was Satan himself leading the Apocalypse butt-fucking every little (woman) angel in the ass and clit and then cum-ed down their throats and filmed it for (YT) as he smites them(especially if he produced us children which we need)!!! I would still listen to his words/advice/message, over you right-wingers!!! If you smear Tommy as a “Pedo”, well, fine I guess he’s a Pedo because he’s only one compared to endless within both the left and right!!!

    And you sir [Mr.Taylor] have a fascination with men’s underwear, which leads me too believe you are one of those right-wing typical closet Fagots like “Congressmen Foley” or else “pervert” yourself like “Governor Sanford” who loves dressing-up in make-up, wearing bra and panties while tucking your penis between your legs, or else love sniffing other mens’ trousers while pretending to be Federal agents so one [Mr.Taylor] can somehow justify his actions in his mind to make himself think he’s a “Hetero”.

    The “truth” usually always hurts those who want it crushed and silenced for whatever reasons. The left-wingers always call us (Racist, Anti-Semite, Bigot, Homo-Phoebe, Mentally-Ill, Fascist) etc; while the right-wing who are even more vile always calls us the opposite, (lol), such as (Homo, Pervert, Anti-Racist, Jew, Nigger lover, Mentally-Ill, Communist). It’s fucking hilarious!!! Do these people actually think we give a shit what they think??? Let alone they are typical keyboard-commandos and don’t have the balls to say their garbage to the intended-targets face!!! The recent events with the Michigan Militia, proves once again the right-wing are worthless, cowards, morons, losers, whiners, a disgrace, those who we shouldn’t be, etc; and never will mount to anything but a news piece for the opposition to make us look bad and brow-beat us down even more into weakness and silent lucidity. At least the Dravidians had the balls to pull the trigger and back their shit-up, unlike you; which is why our people are flocking to the left-wing “National Socialism/Marxism” such as myself as “Revolutionary-Patriots/Soldiers”.

    The right-wing are agents of the (JooWO), which is why they want Tommy out of the way so they can keep the secrets in the closet and continue collecting money for the masters at the top from membership-dues, books, radio subscriptions, and regalia, which they turn around and give it to race-traitors like Ron Paul which they are still toting his line. Every time [Mr.Tom Metzger] is abused/bashed in whatever form by anyone like [Rob Taylor], I become more of a fanatic and flock to his way to hear Metzgers’ message and opinion because obviously if they are going to bash it, it’s worth listening too!!!

    Tom Metzger on the other hand like Matt Hale, were elected to office once before only to be snuffed-out by (ZOG/JOG/NOG/MOG/COG). Tom Metzger has proven his ways work, and the system is running scared because newer generations like me are listening to his message/tactics, and refuse too partake in any (ADL/SPLC/B’nai B’rith) sponsored groups to be monitored, set-up, reported, profiled, etc; either mainstream or so-called “racial” and are adhering to the “Lone-Wolf” ideology.

    Best wishes Tommy, I hope you get re-elected!!! My Heathen prayers are with you and may my mother’s gods/family Hera, Zeus, Hercules, Hebe, Ares, etc; be with you and the powers of Olympia strike down any foe who comes against you with the power of the Titans!!!

    Infiltrate! Subjugate! Dominate! Extermiante!
    White Power or Black Death!
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!
    5/14/88 the date of a true White man!
    Pan-Aryanism is White-Supremacy!
    White-Supremacy or a White-Slave!
    Separatism is only good if you are prepared to defend it world-wide for you people and lands, hence being an Supremacist!

    Sieg Heil O’ Hitler and Mussolini!!!
    Meine Ehre Heisst Treue!!!

  4. Nice to see lots of people sticking up for Tom, I too was disgusted with the comment of “pervert” thrown so quickly as if it was a known fact. Tom has spoken about not being interested in pornography. I also laughed when the reporter rang Toms bell and told us no one answered. They probably waited untill they saw him leave so they could get that precious clip, lol.

  5. Each time I email you , I have issues with my pc…and your site. Is that you or some other agent out there ?

  6. I have been called a lot of things but never pervert or pedophilel.If these great white hope has any proof of that ,i have one thousand in cash to see it. TT

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